Creatio introduces a major update to its low-code, process management and CRM platform

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7.15 major update

The new version 7.15 features low-code and process automation capabilities to help companies automate business ideas in minutes.

Bpm’online, a global business software company leading in the space of low-code, process automation and CRM, today announces the major update to its products. Bpm’online version 7.15 features further advancements of tools to help digital leaders accelerate business growth and transformation.

Improvements in the latest version are designed to support “Everyone a Developer” concept, enabling employees of organizations to build automation they need without deep technical skills. The new tools include advanced capabilities for user configuration of marketing campaigns, content, and sales forecasts; robust citizen development tools for system customization; improvements to the user portal; extended open source technologies support, and much more.

“Helping businesses accelerate has always been our primary focus, and this major update contributes to the bpm’online mission with extended low-code and process automation functionality and a number of improvements. All the tools in version 7.15 – for accurate sales forecasting, for system customization, for marketing campaign management, extended open source technologies support – are designed to help organizations enable citizen developers and help them automate business ideas in minutes,” says Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner of bpm’online.

Bpm’online version 7.15 features:

For sales professionals, the latest version delivers advanced technology to accelerate the complete sales cycle:

  • Enhanced forecasting capabilities to make data-backed sales decisions
  • User tools to easily configure forecasts for any section in the system, enter forecast data manually, map database fields, and calculate custom values using formulas
  • Additional options to configure formulas for Actual and Forecasted indicators


To accelerate service and enhance communication, bpm’online version 7.15 has:

  • Extensions for citizen developers to customize personal and company profiles on the portal
  • Enhanced portal capabilities for first-class user access rights management 


The mobile app will now sync with the core bpm'online application much faster. In addition, the latest version features a number of UX and UI enhancements and upgraded data management tools. Among the core mobile app updates of bpm’online v. 7.15 are the following:  

  • Accelerated data import in hybrid mode
  • Dashboards filtered by “day,” “week,” and “month” can now display data according to the user’s time zone
  • UX enhancements for working with folders
  • Hybrid mode for working with invoices
  • Support of "deep links”: links that open records in a mobile application
  • Support of iOS 13 and Android Q


The update provides improvements to accelerate marketing professionals’ work:

  • Advanced campaign management capabilities for more agile marketing campaigns
  • Extended macros functionality and dynamic content to automate email campaign personalization
  • New functions in the Content Designer for users without technical skills to draft custom email templates with ease


The data management functionality has been enriched to accelerate operations:

  • Ability to display aggregated columns and connected object columns in editable lists – no need to switch to connected records now 
  • When merging duplicates, users can now preview images and select which logo and contact photo to save in the final record
  • Ability to display the email preview on the Email detail, allowing users to receive basic information about each email immediately
  • Importing data from Excel will now resume automatically if stopped due to restarting the application or flushing Redis cache. It also can be manually stopped in the "Process Log" section now
  • Extended logo setup options, including the ability to change the favicon directly in bpm’online


Bpm’online version 7.15 also features the following changes to the platform:

  • Option for administrators to grant secure temporary access to the application without explicitly sharing passwords
  • Upgraded change log interface
  • Redesigned integration log, which is now located in the Lookups section
  • One-click ability to download the entire structure of distributions and scripts needed for the current update
  • Option to display the package installation in the console or saved as a file
  • Enhanced Bpmcli command line utility  – users now can add, delete and edit content in packages installed using bpmcli and add elements to the package using predefined templates
  • Updated command line utility now supports macOS and Linux operating systems


For better flexibility and agility, bpm’online extended support of open source technologies including:

  • PostgreSQL is supported for each bpm'online product
  • API to develop web services compatible with the .NET Framework on the Windows platform and the .NET Core platform
  • On-site utility to ensure compatibility with all supported DBMS – MS SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Now on-site users can immediately update the application to the latest version, regardless of the current system version

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