Regular update package for Creatio products

<p class="text-align-justify"><span><span><span>We are excited to introduce a new update package for Creatio&nbsp;products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.</span></span></span>
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are excited to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The new version updates include:

Business processes. The Process Designer UI has been updated. The new toolbar element now allows for building process diagrams in all Creatio products. Among its advantages are significant acceleration and simplification of work with a diagram. For instance, you can select a specific system or a user action element from drop-down menus and add it to the working area. The revamped designer enables users to change the type of the added elements (actions, flows) as well as includes more built-in validation rules when building diagrams. 

Marketing campaigns. To unify tools when working with visual diagrams, we’ve updated the Campaign Designer UI. Now it matches the new Process Designer UI. In the newest Creatio version users can copy several marketing campaign elements at once. We’ve also improved the displaying of elements titles: a top border of one element aligns with a bottom border of another element.

Case management. Service Creatio users now can view the business logic for the calculated case response and resolution time. Customer service team leader or a person with respective access rights just needs to click on a case page to view detailed information about calculated response and resolution time, case parameters used for the calculation, deadline calculation strategy, and alternative rules.

Creatio Portal. A number of changes were made to Creatio Portal:

  • An ability to add images directly to a message on the Portal.
  • Quick access to portal user profiles directly from the account page.
  • Users can now access the portal main page settings from the list of sections in the workplace setup.

Analytics. FastReport reports can now be generated not only from the Registry section, but also from the Analytics section - users can enable this option on the report setup page. Users can filter data in a report via a separate filter page or using filters of the corresponding section.

Administration. We’ve revamped the License Manager UI. The new section is now available in the System Designer and lists out all available subscriptions. System administrators can view the list, add new subscriptions, and distribute or revoke them in bulk.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on the Creatio Academy.

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