Creatio partners have joined the initiative to help organizations fight against COVID-19

Creatio partners have joined the initiative

Creatio is thrilled to announce its partners Webitel and Beesender have joined the initiative of helping organizations fight against COVID-19 today. Starting from March 24, 2020 Creatio has been offering companies directly aiding in efforts against the virus a 6-month subscription of Service Creatio, customer center edition for free. Creatio partners have teamed up with a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM provider to help healthcare, governmental, volunteer, and other related organizations.

The partners are offering their own Marketplace extensions to the platform for free. These products include Webitel’s call manager for Creatio, Any VoIP connector for Creatio, Beesender Operator, and Beesender’s Bot Master for Creatio. These apps and extensions further strengthen Creatio’s goal of providing leading solutions to companies on the frontlines against the pandemic the whole world is facing.

Together with partners, we are putting forth tremendous efforts to ensure that the free offering of Service Creatio includes a seamless setup, customization, and utilization of the system for the customers they will serve. The free offering of Service Creatio for six months began on March 24th and is valid through October 1st, 2020. This along with the dedication of Beesender and Webitel to the implementation of their solutions ensures that eligible companies have ample time to get ahold of this offer and optimize their service operations during these hectic times. Creatio along with its partners hope to serve these organizations, which, in turn, are serving the rest of society with their efforts against COVID-19 and its impact on the world.

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