Regular update package for Creatio products

The new version features the ability to import .bpmn processes into Studio Creatio, enterprise edition and automatically convert them into executable processesan, updated Process Designer UI, advanced ML models, revamped sales forecasting section, upgraded Content Designer functionality, and more.
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are excited to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The new version updates include:

Process designer. The Process Designer UI has been updated. We’ve simplified the experience of adding process elements to the diagram, making it easier to navigate complex diagrams with multiple steps and elements. We have introduced a special navigation panel that displays a “mini-map” of the process diagram, including elements that do not fit in the designer workspace. The navigation panel features different diagram scaling options.

Business process management. The latest release provides the ability to import .bpmn processes into Studio Creatio Enterprise and automatically convert them into executable processes. For example, after modeling and approving a business process in Studio Creatio, free edition you can export it as a *.bpmn file and then import it in a Creatio product for fine-tuning and automating. Similarly, you can drag and drop business processes from any platform that supports the export of *.bpmn files.

Predictive data analysis. Creatio now provides users with the ability to create the most relevant next-best offer recommendations using Machine Learning models. In the newest update, we’ve implemented the ability to create predictive recommendation models. Next-best offer technology will help you to better understand customer needs and recommend products and services that are most likely to be purchased by the client. Predictive data is now available immediately after the user populates the required fields even before saving the model.

Content designer. The Content Designer functionality has been updated. New features allow users to create more attractive email newsletters. When working with email templates, you can now use custom fonts. Additionally, you can edit the HTML content of an email template directly in the Content Designer. The new HTML element (Smart Block) features custom code variables, including text, font color, or images as well as custom substitution macros. When Smart Block is added to an email, the user only needs to edit the macro values using the settings panel.

Sales forecasting. The latest release features a fully revamped forecasting section. Low-code forecasting capabilities will help to streamline the forecasting process and accelerate the complete sales cycle. Users can now adjust the width of the data hierarchy area in a forecast. We’ve added the ability to configure the calculation formulas of Actual and Forecasted indicators effortlessly. Calculation of summary indicators at each hierarchy level for all types of columns is also available. 

Analytics. Now it is much easier to work with charts and reports in Creatio. In the newest update, we’ve added the ability to set up new type of charts easily - stacked bars - so users can compare both data categories and values. For example, a chart can simultaneously display the opportunity amount on each funnel stage grouped by employees, total opportunity amount by employee, and the share of each stage in the total opportunity amount.

Phone integration. To simplify call processing/handling, we have added an option for unconditional (blind) call forwarding for Avaya, Webitel, Oktell, Finesse, TAPI, Infinity, and Asterisk phone integrations. This makes handling calls easier for agents.  You can also now specify the preferable protocol (SIP or PJSIP) in the Asterisk phone integration.

Administration. We’ve revamped the License Manager UI. A chart that displays the total number of available and distributed licenses has been added. This makes it easier for users to manage license requests processing, including their distribution and revoking in bulk. 

Development tools. In the latest release, we’ve added the ability to create new application modules using the Angular framework.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on Creatio Academy

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