Regular update package for Creatio products

The new update package for Creatio products comes up with even more improvements. Creatio now inspects the HTML-code and notifies users if there are any errors in email templates. A new ML-based recommendation tab has been added on the opportunity page in Sales Creatio. Discover the full list of updates!
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

With the new package users will get:

Website events tracking. Marketing Creatio now features a completely revamped website tracking functionality so end-users have more robust tools to analyze customer behaviour on their websites. 

  • User activity can be tracked on multiple websites.
  • The list of events that can be tracked has been extended (e.g. completing a registration form, downloading a file, adding or removing a product to the shopping cart, etc.)
  • Additional information for every event now includes data about customers’ browsers, screen resolution, prefered language and the page from which they were redirected. 
  • Website events for incomplete user sessions will now be recorded as well, e.g., if a user left a page before it has fully loaded.

Email-marketing. Thanks to the update, working with email templates has become easier for email marketers. Creatio will inspect the HTML-code and notify you if there is an error. The system users will also be able to perform the following when working with recipients’ lists:    

  • create a custom audience list from different sources in the system (e.g. lead, contact, order, event attendee, etc.);
  • filter recipients by connected objects fields (e.g. you can add to the audience 
  • list only those leads that have a particular, predefined need);
  • clear the audience list in one click;
  • when setting up email campaigns with dynamic content, users can now look through the content of emails sent earlier.

Predictive data analysis. A new [Recommended products] tab has been added on the opportunity page in Sales Creatio. The system will use ML predictive models to analyze data from at least 100 opportunities and offer a personalized list of products that a customer is most likely to purchase. 

Sales forecasting. Now users can predefine periods for recalculating the actual values in the [Forecasts] section. 

Data management. In the current Google Chrome version, you will be able to use voice typing in multi-line text fields.

Section Wizard. The no-code tools for designing section pages and “pre-configured pages” in business processes have been expanded. For instance, users can select the format for displaying the “Date/Time” fields, specify a character limit in the text field, specify a field title in several languages, or configure conditions to automatically fill in a field from another connected field.

Business processes. You can now run business processes for multiple records within a section. Additionally, a range of other capabilities for working with multi-instance processes were added:  

  • A trace is available for multi-instance subprocesses where you can find element variables as well as the process elements. 
  • Execution diagram shows how many instances of a subprocess were started, completed and interrupted. 
  • No-code tools now allow to set up process parameters of the “Collection of records” type. 

Integrations. In the beta-testing mode, users can authenticate the integrated third-party applications with the OAuth 2.0 protocol using the “client credentials” authentication type.

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