Regular update package for Creatio products

The latest release 7.17.4 features enhancements to business processes, integrations, sales tools, mobile applications and much more. Discover the full list of updates!
Creatio updates 7.17.4

We are pleased to announce the Creatio 7.17.4 update package is here bringing numerous improvements and enhancements to the Creatio product line.

No-code / low-code tools 

Integrations. Now users can quickly set up SOAP services with a link to a WSDL file. All users need to do is paste a link into the file with a service description, and Creatio will apply the necessary settings automatically without the need to download the file and upload it to Creatio manually. Also, it is now possible to pass a generated request body to REST and SOAP web services as the process element parameter in JSON, XML, and Text formats. You can apply this feature to set up parameters to call the web service in the event when passing these parameters separately is not possible. For instance, if the request body is being generated dynamically.

Business processes. In the newest release, we’ve further improved business process management, including diagram configuration, process execution and process monitoring phases. Now, users will see only those business processes they have permission to manually launch. To improve the process log UX, we’ve added an option to navigate to a parent process from a sub-process page. This simplifies navigation between linked diagrams. Finally, to set up even more accurate filters when working with business process elements in the Process Designer, we added an option to specify time in addition to a date.

Out-of-the-box CRM: Sales, marketing, service and operations automation 

Working with chats. Creatio chats UI has been enhanced. Some of the upgrades include:

  • Creatio now automatically saves chat message drafts. An agent can return to editing the message at any time after leaving the chat.
  • User can easily find unread messages or close a chat directly in the communication panel's active chat list.
  • New chats are grouped into a separate list at the bottom of the communication panel. The counter at the top of the new chat list displays the number of unprocessed chats.

Sales tools. We’ve added a new closure date filter to the Opportunities section. This will further optimize the sales management process.

Mobile application. Also, we’ve added a background synchronization mechanism to iOS devices, improving the Creatio mobile app performance.