Creatio’s Survey of 1000+ Business and IT Leaders Finds Low-Code as Key Enabler for Digital Transformation

Report provides an inside look at the digital barriers facing 1,000+ senior decision makers globally and the role of low-code to accelerate innovation.

Creatio, a global software company that provides a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM, today released its first-ever IT, digital, and business leader survey report titled: “The State of Low-code/No-code 2021.” The report provides CEOs, COOs, CIOs, IT Directors and other senior level decision makers at companies of all sizes a look into the minds and motivations of their peers related to digital transformation goals and challenges, and the use of low-code/no-code as an innovation catalyst.

The survey includes responses from 1,000+ IT, digital and business leaders from various industries and more than 90 countries spanning the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Respondents have either adopted or are considering adopting no-code/low-code technologies as part of their digital transformation roadmap. The State of Low-code/No-code Report distills Creatio’s survey results into actionable takeaways for IT and business leaders making strategic and tactical decisions about no-code/low-code technology to drive competitive advantage.

With an ongoing shortage of software developer and data science talent globally, companies are scrambling to reduce the strain and demands on IT departments with limited resources. Low-code/no-code technology helps bridge this IT gap by automating processes without taxing the IT department. Most importantly, aside from solving IT constraints, low-code tools put the power of technology into the hands of business users who are best equipped to identify and enable agile process improvements and innovations over time.

“Our goal for this report is for digital and business leaders across all verticals to walk away with a better understanding of low-code/no-code and its role in organization-wide digital transformation,” said Katherine Kostereva, Founder and CEO of Creatio. “We undertook this project to uncover how organizations in Creatio’s global community and beyond are tackling the pressures of our digital future, and how low-code/no-code can supercharge innovation by reinventing application development and company culture from the ground up.”   


  • Business leaders line up on the promise of low-code/no-code as an enabler of digital transformation, but a lack of experience with low-code platforms is the biggest obstacle to low-code adoption, according to 60% of respondents.
  • The key benefit to low-code adoption is accelerated time-to-market (38%) followed by reduced app development cost (34%) indicating that innovation is prioritized over cost reduction when it comes to driving competitive advantage.
  • Low-code tools are currently being adopted primarily for custom app development inside separate business units such as sales and marketing, service, human resources, or finance.
  • Only 6% of low-code development is done by business users without any IT involvement, signaling a significant opportunity for a continued shift to a no-code development approach that enables enterprise applications development of any complexity without the need for coding skills or specific training.

“High usability and access to training and support are critical for successful adoption of low-code solutions beyond early adoption,” said Rebecca Wettemann, tech industry analyst and CEO at Valoir. “Leaders such as Creatio have invested in both, providing friendly and intuitive user interfaces and broad training that address the diverse skill and technical aptitude levels of business users.”

To find out more about what business and IT leaders think including the core barrier to digital transformation, what region of the world is most quickly adopting low-code/no-code technology, and the percentage of companies that said they planned to completely pause digital transformation initiatives for the remainder of 2021, download the full report here.

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