Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to announce the Creatio 7.18.0 update package is here bringing numerous improvements and enhancements to the Creatio product line.
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to announce the Creatio 7.18.0 update package is here bringing numerous improvements and enhancements to the Creatio product line.

No-code / low-code tools  

The Homepage Designer. In the newest version, we’ve added a new no-code homepage customization tool, which is the first step towards a complete Section Wizard revamp. The Homepage Designer applies completely new approaches and technologies for building user interfaces  all while being simple and convenient to use. Completely revamped homepages across all Creatio products can be used in the basic version or you can customize them in accordance with your company’s needs.  

AI Technologies. A set of new tools will make it easier to customize ML models, as well as help users quickly understand how they work. Improvements include batch data prediction to streamline data classification and automatic preliminary reviews of the training datasets. Users can also view keywords and phrases that affect prediction results for ML models that use text data.    

Integrations. As part of the development of no-code tools, we’ve added an ability to examine the responses from the web service, test its functionality, and debug it during a setup. Users can perform these operations directly from the web service setup UI without configuring or running business processes.  

Administration. Creatio now supports Redis Cluster. It’s a more advanced technology for ensuring fault tolerance of Redis stores, which minimizes system downtime in case of a Redis subsystem faultand also ensures high performance. 

Out-of-the-box CRM: Sales, marketing, service and operations automation    

Sales tools. Financial Services Creatio has been enhanced with a set of new tools to help employees find the best offer for your customers. Next Best Offer technology uses a pre-configured ML model and predictive data analysis to recommend the most relevant products to the customers. The ability to use specified filters when running a product search in the catalogs improves the flexibility of search parameters setupSales reps can quickly switch from the search results to the description, key characteristics, advantages of the products, and request setup for further convenience.    

Email marketing. We’ve implemented a set of new email marketing tools that enable more flexible email distribution parameters configuration and improve their delivery. Now users can:    

  • Easily manage email queues with the new email throttling functionality: this helps to warm up the cold audience and improve the sender domain reputation.    
  • Send out emails on a set schedule: for instance, you can send out emails every day or only on specific days of the week, with set delivery time in a chosen time zone.   
  • Manage the email sending priority: for instance, you can configure the email priority so that that registration confirmation emails are followed by the news digests.    
  • Set up the email expiration date: we’ve added an option to specify the exact date and time when Creatio will stop sending the emails regardless of their status.    

Marketing campaigns. You can now save the campaign element settings and use them in any campaign when setting up similar elements in the future. Additionally, we’ve updated the “Landing page” campaign element. If the element does not have any incoming flows, it will add all contacts who submitted the web form on the landing page to the list of campaign participants. If the element has incoming flows, it will also be able to track the existing participants’ response.   

Omnichannel communications. We’ve added a WhatsApp messenger customer communication channel to all Creatio’s basic products. Creatio uses Twilio, an official Facebook partner, for integration.     

Mobile application. If you work with approvals in the mobile app, you can now tag any employee in the approval feed and access a history of approvals that have been processed in desktop Creatio.