Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to announce the Creatio 7.18.1 update package is here bringing numerous improvements and enhancements to the Creatio product line.
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to announce the Creatio 7.18.1 update package is here bringing numerous improvements and enhancements to the Creatio product line.     

No-code / low-code tools     

Business processes. In the newest release, we’ve enhanced the Process Diagram functionality with custom no-code tools. From now on, it’s much easier for users to assign process tasks to roles. Any user who is a member of a given role can complete a task assigned to that role—this leads to workflow optimization and efficient task distribution. In the communication panel, you can view the list of available group tasks as well as start working on a new task, assign it to yourself, or assign it to another employee. If the open task is assigned to/completed by another user, you will get a notification. 

Dynamic cases. We’ve implemented Sales Playbook hints to simplify users’ work with leads, sales, orders, and other objects in the system. These hints provide quick access to the up-to-date information from the knowledge base, e.g., recommendations and needed instructions. As a result, employees quickly get acquainted with new business processes and it’s easier for them to adhere to company policies. Also, Sales Playbook hints help to reduce the time spent on tasks. 

Home pages. When configuring a homepage, now it’s possible to edit the automatically generated element code—this makes it easier to identify the page in the list of configuration elements. In addition, it became much easier to update the information on homepages. Also, the data view on mobile devices was improved.  

Out-of-the-box CRM: Sales, marketing, service and operations automation 

Working with chats. We continue to enhance Creaio’s built-in chat processing module. In the newest version, we’ve added an option that allows for transferring chats to another department. From now on, once the chat is transferred, Creatio assigns it to an agent of the selected queue according to the routing rules. The processing of messages sent in Facebook Messenger's guest mode was improved, too. 

Banks and Finances. In the Financial Services Creatio product line, it’s now possible to work with product selection as part of a business process. For example, you can have a consultant see the next best offers or the up-to-date product catalog when they reach this part of the process.  

Email marketing. The throttling mechanism implemented in the previous version of Creatio has been enhanced. Now it’s possible to specify the daily limit and throttling rules for the emails. This feature is aimed at balancing the load on the site and optimizing the workflow of employees processing the email feedback. 

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