Regular update package for Creatio products

Regular update package for Creatio products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.3 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line


  • Freedom UI Designer. You can now set up Freedom UI record pages for any Creatio object regardless of its origin, for example, out-of-the-box sections or lookups. After you set up the page, it will open from any part of Creatio that uses the corresponding object. It is now also possible to set up tooltips for fields of all the main types: text, number, checkbox, dropdown, date/time, etc. Additionally, new setup options were added for buttons, including the ability to set up buttons for data import/export. 

  • Freedom UI. You can now edit data of Freedom UI lists without opening record pages. It is now also possible to use the keyboard to navigate and edit a list. Other new capabilities in the Freedom UI include the following: 

  1. Improved usability of frozen list columns, 
  2. Support of favorite folders, 
  3. Ability to export chart and pivot table data to Excel,  
  4. Drill-down capabilities for “Gauge” and “Metric” chart types.  
  • Application hub. We improved the processes of app title validation and code generation to speed up the app development process.  

  • Administration. It is now possible to set up the base SSO login from Creatio UI without the need to edit the configuration files. Creatio database now stores the SSO provider settings, so you no longer need to restart Creatio after you add a new provider. We also added presets for common providers such as Azure, AD FS, and Okta.   

  • Development tools. You can now create custom UI components and add them to the Freedom UI Designer library to facilitate their use in no-code development. We also launched beta testing for Business Rule Designer – a new visual business rule editor for Freedom UI pages that allows you to set up display rules for page elements. 


  • Work with chats. It is now possible to view the messages of incomplete chats, which enables managers to understand the context without additional actions, such as chat escalation, and make quick decisions. Also, the mechanism that automatically completes chats was improved to apply to both incoming and outgoing messages. Chats processed by agents are completed if either the agent or the customer is not responding within the specified period. 

  • Telephony. We updated Avaya Aura phone integration to support the Avaya 8.0.x, 8.1.x, 10.1.x connectors; we also added a new connector for Cisco Finesse version 11.5 and later.  

  • Marketing Creatio. The homepage of Marketing Creatio now features a dashboard to analyze the reasons for email delivery failure, including bounces and delivery errors. It is also now possible to save UTM mark data for leads created using a landing page or social network integration. This data can be used to set up custom logic connected to the UTM marks: filters, dashboards, business processes, etc. 

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.  

You can also read the release notes HERE

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