Creatio Introduces New Solutions to the Creatio Marketplace to Boost the Efficiency of Marketing Workflows

Creatio, together with its partner community, adds new applications, connectors, and add-ons to its Marketplace to automate marketing campaigns and streamline lead management workflows

Creatio, together with its partner community, adds new applications, connectors, and add-ons to its Marketplace to automate marketing campaigns and streamline lead management workflows  

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, together with its partner community, presents the latest applications, connectors, and add-ons released on the Creatio Marketplace. There are over 400 apps that extend Creatio’s capabilities available to its users.  

The newest additions include solutions expanding the platform configuration capabilities and the functionality of Marketing Creatio, including landing pages, leads, email campaigns, and loyalty strategies management. Here are some of the apps you might want to try: 

Landing Page and Lead Management 

Landingi Connector for Creatio  

The app enables users to create and launch high-converting landing pages in a couple of clicks. The solution offers an extensive library of fully customizable templates and allows users to create their own designs from scratch. The connector helps boost lead generation through easily manageable and customizable landing pages as well as easily track leads in Creatio. 

Analytical Segmentation for Creatio 

The add-on is an advanced segmentation tool that enables Creatio users to target customers more accurately and boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns. The app is a must-have for B2B and B2C businesses to help them build customer engagement strategies and update them according to shifting customer expectations. 

15-Second Leads for Creatio 

This digital solution was designed to redefine the speed for distributing valuable sales leads. The application, based on a configurable no-code workflow, cuts the time needed to contact a newly registered prospect to merely seconds. As a result, the application skyrockets conversion rates instantly. 

Matomo Connector for Creatio 

The app collects the most detailed data about your website visitors including their geolocation, preferred device, search engine, key words used to land on your page, as well as what pages and sections of your websites your visitors liked most. The app helps build all-round knowledge about your clients, improve customer communication, and provide a first-class customer experience.  

Customizing Messages and Email Campaigns 

Consimple Messenger Connector for Creatio  

The connector allows users to create and manage bulk messaging from the Creatio platform. Users can also take advantage of the app’s Workspace feature, which enables them to use the combination of no-code tools and code editors while enjoying all the benefits of the Creatio Cloud and user workplace. 

Enhanced Template Macros for Creatio 

The add-on enables users to set up complex macros to use in dynamic message templates. The module allows, in addition to standard macros and object columns, to insert sample values, lists, tables, priorities, and other types of macros. 

Data Scoring 

Data Scoring for Creatio  

The app brings the efficiency of data scoring to a new level. It enables users to set up and customize scoring models and ratings, as well as modify scoring criteria to analyze the database in the most efficient way. The system will calculate and group scoring points automatically according to the chosen scoring model. The app can be also used to define risk zones and improve risk assessment. 

Scoring Models for Creatio  

The app enables users to manage business tasks with a universal scoring model. It also increases efficiency in the workplace by enabling users to change lookup field values in Creatio according to any characteristics with a simple and convenient wizard. 

Communication Tools 

Primary Communication Options for Creatio 

The add-on was designed to manage basic communication options in Creatio. The solution enables users to set a primary email, phone number, etc., as the preferred communication channel. 

Loyalty Management 

Consimple Loyalty for Creatio 

The add-on enables users to automate, customize, and monitor the implementation of loyalty programs.  

Find other useful applications on the Creatio Marketplace and stay tuned for more information on other solutions.