Creatio Introduces New Solutions to the Creatio Marketplace to Increase the Efficiency of Sales and Budget Management, Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Creatio, together with partners, adds new applications, connectors, and add-ons to its Marketplace to help users better leverage sales workflows, budget and expenses, streamline communication and integration processes
Creatio Introduces New Solutions to the Creatio Marketplace to Increase the Efficiency of Sales and Budget Management, Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, together with its partner community, presents the latest applications, connectors, and add-ons released on the Creatio Marketplace.  

There are over 400 apps that extend Creatio’s capabilities available to its users.  

The newest additions include solutions for efficient work and learning, to improve sales and budget management, streamline communication, collaboration, and integration processes. Here are some of the apps you might want to try: 

Connectors for efficient work & learning: 

Calendly connector for Creatio is a powerful tool that creates and updates records in Creatio whenever a user schedules meetings using Calendly. Every created or updated activity is linked to corresponding leads and contacts in Creatio. Thus, the connector is a must-have for users looking to maximize the benefit of both platforms.  

HintEd connector for Creatio was designed to enhance the learning-while-doing experience. With this app, Creatio users can create interactive step-by-step guides, tooltips, and software manuals on HintEd and use them for on-screen training and onboarding walkthroughs. 

Google Sheets connector for Creatio streamlines data transfer between Google Sheets and Creatio. The connector enables users to transfer data from the popular spreadsheet app to the Creatio platform and automatically creates new objects, such as contacts, leads, orders, etc. 

Add-ons for sales & budget management: 

Opportunity value Over Time for Creatio is a tool to calculate opportunity value when considering contract duration. The add-on helps users estimate the value of opportunities and make more precise sales forecasts. 

SalesUp Budget management for Creatio enables budget and cost management in a simple and convenient Creatio interface. The solution is an efficient tool to monitor the current state of a company/team budget, as well as flexibly manage the limits of the use of funds in the company.  

SalesUp Purchases for Creatio allows you to manage the purchasing cycle of the company — from creating an order within the company to selecting the most suitable conditions among product suppliers, quickly obtaining actual product information and automatically generating an order based on the received data. 


InterWeave Sage Intacct Integration for Creatio is a powerful, configurable integration solution with Sage, providing extensive integration of data, uni- or bi-directional, with a business process and workflows. 

Call Center creation designer: 

Call Center 360 for Creatio is an app to create convenient digital workplaces to boost the engagement and productivity of call center agents. It enables users to create workplaces compatible with any telephony solution, making it a must-have for customer service organizations. 

Phone & SMS communication tools: 

Asterisk call recorder for Creatio enables Creatio users to raise the efficiency of their phone communications. The app records phone calls and saves the records to a file with a playback option. 

Banza Genesys PureConnect connector for Creatio enables its users to make both inbound and outbound calls using Genesys communication services, while providing access to all contact details, including a history of communications. 

Twilio SMS Pro integration for Creatio is an SMS messenger that enables users to exchange SMS with individual users or groups of users, send bulk messages, and monitor SMS delivery statuses. The app also provides statistics on sent & received messages. It streamlines communication between Creatio users, enables them to stay connected to clients and partners, and rises the efficiency of bulk SMS marketing.  

Find other useful applications on the Creatio Marketplace and stay tuned for more information on other solutions.