Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.8 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line.
Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

New Case Management app. Creatio 8.0.8 features a new composable app for Case Management, which provides intelligent, full-cycle service management capabilities to enhance processes related to service delivery, customer interaction, feedback tracking and analytics, agent performance monitoring, and more – all in the latest Freedom UI! 

Freedom UI Designer. There are several improvements to the Freedom UI that streamline and simplify daily work: 

  • It is now possible to add records directly to editable lists without opening edit pages and easily delete records or cell data from the editable list using hotkeys.  
  • For better productivity while on a call, the Freedom UI now displays the call indicator if you go to a different communication panel tab or minimize the panel altogether. The indicator displays the contact's name and the duration of the current call. By clicking the indicator, you can reopen the communication panel.  
  • You can now add a personal touch to your Creatio application by uploading your background image or setting the background color.  
  • Freedom UI is now available as part of Financial Services Creatio.

New no-code components. The following components have been added to the Freedom UI: 

  • Progress bar. You can now track and change case workflow stages on any Freedom UI page using the progress bar component. The component works with existing cases seamlessly. The component layout is fully responsive and supports color coding.  

  • Message composer. It is now possible to send emails and post feed messages from any Freedom UI page using the message composer. Both the email and feed channels support rich text, including images. The email channel also supports attachments, templates, drafts, email forwarding, and email thread expansion.  

  • Quick filters. It is now possible to apply custom filters to one or more Freedom UI lists on a page using the quick filter component.  

  • Date/time filters in Freedom UI. You can now set up a filter by date/time on any Freedom UI page using the quick filter component. The filter can have a default period applied for all users who load the page for the first time.  

  • Modal pages. You can now create modal pages in the Freedom UI to enable users to add or edit records without opening the full edit page.   

Advanced business rule conditions. For more advanced control over the UI behavior, no-code app creators can now take advantage of new business rule conditions that enable them to manage the visibility of individual tabs, pre-populate fields with constants, and set up more advanced business rules using system settings and system variables in business rule conditions.  In addition, the Creatio mobile app now supports the execution of object-level business rules in both online and offline modes. 

ALM improvements. There are multiple improvements to further automate and simplify application lifecycle management in Creatio. The system now automatically ensures the Marketplace app compatibility before the download, offers even more extensive freedom of localization, enables users to install app bundles/archives, and empowers app creators to set a custom app or section code to use for generating objects and section schemas when creating an app.   

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.  

You can also read the release notes HERE