Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.10 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line.
Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.10 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line. 

Expanded Freedom UI Designer tools. Creatio 8.0.10 features multiple new tools and improvements that help you create more flexible and user-friendly UIs, including: 

  • New button actions. It is now possible to easily delete data from the list or to proceed to edit data in a different connected page, e.g., a mini page.  
  • Enhanced mini page templates. Mini pages are now even more user-friendly with the ability to seamlessly transition to the default page to edit data with a click of a button.   
  • List and filter improvements. There are multiple usability improvements, such as setting up the lookup quick filter via reverse connections or turning list numbering on/off.  

Improved Freedom UI experience. There are numerous improvements to the Freedom UI that streamline and simplify daily work, among which: 

  • List UX improvements. You can now select multiple records in lists and bulk-delete the selected records. 
  • Page UX improvements. You can now get even more workspace by maximizing pages to the entirety of the browser tab. 
  • Feed UX improvements. It is now possible to display the user’s profile photo in mentions, add messages for external users, and delete file attachments.  

More flexible business rules. Expanded business rules functionality will help you create more sophisticated and powerful apps: 

  • Disable element. You can now set fields to read-only and disable buttons, menu items, and other page components using the “Make elements read-only” business rule.  
  • Static filter. You can now create static filters using business rules, e.g., to display only customers in the Contact dropdown field.  
  • Dropdown field clearing and population. You can now set up automatic clearing and population of dropdown fields while setting up business rules that contain dynamic filters. 

New development tools for no-code creators. With the introduction of smart packages, Creatio 8.0.10 gives no-code creators superior capabilities to evolve their composable app ecosystems. Smart packages include functionality that gets activated or deactivated automatically based on the availability of required dependencies in an environment. This lets you create an ecosystem of composable apps that work both as individual apps and as enhancements to the functionality of other apps. Among other features, no-code creators can now have more control over the layout of mobile Freedom UI pages by setting up custom layouts in page metadata. 

AI-powered app generation. This powerful new feature utilizes a popular AI technology to help no-code creators generate apps from mere text! Simply specify the purpose of the app in plain language and the AI will generate the data model, sections, pages, and fields automatically.  

More flexible administration. The main update includes the introduction of new user licenses, which are “External” for users who are part of an external organization, “Data input restricted” for users with limited data input rights, and “Mobile only” for mobile app users. Among other highlights, it is now possible to delete packages in the No-Code Designer and receive update notifications for Marketplace apps in both the communication panel and Application Hub.  

Much faster loading time for Freedom UI pages. Freedom UI pages that contain many elements now load up to 30% faster. 

Portal Creatio improvements. There are multiple new features connected with more streamlined access and permission management for external users, who use the new “External” license type and are typically created for Portal Creatio.  

Composable Lead and Opportunity Management app (beta). The new “Lead and Opportunity Management” app is the new addition to an expanding universe of Creatio composable apps. It offers a new state-of-the-art approach to managing opportunities and leads in Freedom UI. You will be able to apply effective lead-capturing tools, segment leads to focus on the best opportunities, and monitor the lead pipeline that follows industry standard lead lifecycle stages to detect and eliminate bottlenecks as early as possible. The app is currently available in beta mode. 

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.  

You can also read the release notes HERE