Creatio Introduces New Solutions to the Creatio Marketplace to Simplify Integrations and Optimize Vertical Workflows

New applications enable users to optimize employee training, improve chat-based communication and integration processes, and more
Creatio Introduces New Solutions to the Creatio Marketplace to Simplify Integrations and Optimize Vertical Workflows

Creatio, a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom, together with its partner community, presents the latest applications, connectors, and add-ons released on the Creatio Marketplace.  

There are over 400 apps that extend Creatio’s capabilities available to its users. The newest additions aim to maximize the efficiency of vertical solutions, improve chat-based interactions, simplify app integration and customization, and more. Below is the list of some for your consideration: 

Vertical Solutions 

Fuel sales and delivery for Creatio is the add-on that boosts wholesale and delivery processes in fuel trading companies. The app automates sales workflows, enhances supplier management, and offers efficient sales monitoring tools, making it a must-have for fuel traders. 

Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio was designed to automate and manage learning programs for employees, customers, and partners. It can be extended to support custom specifications, workflows, and dashboards beyond the typical boundaries of a learning management system. 

Document, Form and Survey Management 

Mitra DocuSign Connector for Creatio is a comprehensive solution to digitally sign e-documents. Its seamless integration and automated flow accelerate the entire process, ensuring efficient and secure digital document signing. 

Formstack Forms connector for Creatio provides a seamless integration between Creatio and the Formstack cloud-based form-building solution. This integration allows users to effortlessly create entry forms of any complexity and connect them to their landing pages and marketing campaigns within the Creatio system.   

Surveys Done Easy for Creatio streamlines surveys among contacts and accounts in Creatio starting from questionnaire preparation to analyzing the feedback received. The app allows users to conduct sales and customer experience surveys, as well as marketing research and brings operational efficiency to a new level.   

Chat and Phone Connectors 

Writer Operator for Creatio is an all-in-one solution designed to elevate client communication workflows through text messages. With this app, users can manage chats, assign them to the right specialists, create new contacts, leads, or cases during conversations, offer prompt responses using predefined templates, and more.  

Dialong connector for Creatio revolutionizes communication by seamlessly integrating messaging platforms and social networks into the Creatio communication panel. The app empowers businesses to streamline customer engagement, forge stronger connections with their target audiences, provide real-time customer support, and much more. 

Beesender Welcome Bot is a highly customizable chatbot that elevates customer experiences. The app supports multiple languages and offers many tools to upgrade customer engagement.  

Cusbo business messenger for Creatio facilitates user communication through messengers and social networks managed from Creatio. The app simplifies lead creation by automatically populating client data, including name, phone number, customer needs, and more.  

3CX Phone connector for Creatio seamlessly connects Creatio and 3CX, a renowned IP phone system. Enhancing the customer experience, the app displays all essential customer-related information during phone calls. A must-have for service companies using telephony solutions. 

Administrative and Developer Tools 

Banza notification master for Creatio is a flexible tool to create and configure notifications in Creatio. The app allows users to personalize notifications, set triggering conditions, and specify recipients based on their specific requirements. With the app, users have complete control over their notification system, ensuring that vital information reaches the intended recipients promptly. 

SalesUp Mobile data sorting for Creatio simplifies data sorting in the mobile version of the platform with Creatio's classic UI. This solution allows users of the Creatio mobile app to filter data by column in any section registry, enabling quick and convenient access to relevant information. 

SAP HANA integration for Creatio improves integration with SAP HANA, a versatile multi-model database. The connector provides quick access to SAP ERP, fostering alignment between front- and back-office teams to facilitate collaboration, analytics, and customer experiences. 

Banza cases by schedule for Creatio allows users to create and automate case management workflows based on different schedules. The app also automates the assigning of the appropriate employees to cyclic tasks.  

SalesUp Conditional Records Formatting for Creatio enables users to customize the visual display of records in the section and detail registries of Creatio. The app simplifies working with records, increasing employee efficiency. 

Find other useful applications on the Creatio Marketplace and stay tuned for more information on other solutions.