Creatio’s Partner Solutions Metrix has Presented Two Integration Solutions for Elevating Customer Experiences in the Finserv Industry

Two comprehensive solutions to deliver first-rate experiences in the finserv industry will be available on the Creatio Marketplace in the coming months
Creatio’s Partner Solutions Metrix has Presented Two Integration Solutions for Elevating Customer Experiences in the Finserv Industry

Creatio, a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom, today announced its partner Solution Metrix presented two digital solutions — the Jack Henry Symitar connector for Creatio and Fiserv connector for Creatio. These connectors will change the game for financial institutions through flawless integration with core banking systems. The release of the solutions is scheduled for the upcoming months. 

The Jack Henry Symitar connector enables seamless integration with Jack Henry Symitar, a leading core banking product for credit unions (CU) and other finserv institutions. The app will empower Creatio users to achieve operational excellence and enhance their customer satisfaction.  

The Fiserv connector for Creatio facilitates integration with the Fiserv platform, a widely recognized software for safe and secure online payments. This integration will provide users with a comprehensive customer view, empowering them to tailor services and enhance the overall customer experience.  

Both connectors enable users to smoothly transfer crucial financial information, including deposits, loans, accounts, and more, from Jack Henry Symitar/Fiserv to Creatio. 

The new connectors will extend Creatio’s basic functionality in several ways: 

  • Enhance Real-time Data Synchronization: The apps will ensure continuous synchronization of vital financial data between Creatio and Symitar/Fiserv, guaranteeing that both sides are updated with the latest information, minimizing the need for manual data entry, and reducing errors. 

  • Provide 360° Customer Insights: Empowered by a comprehensive customer view, Creatio users will be able to provide personalized financial services and cultivate stronger relationships with their clients. 

  • Improve Workflow Automation: The solutions will streamline the design and automation of workflows that encompass Creatio and Symitar/Fiserv, optimizing critical processes like customer onboarding and account management, effectively eliminating inefficiencies and redundant tasks. 

  • Enhance Decision-Making: Advanced analytical tools will empower Creatio users to derive valuable insights from their financial data, facilitating well-informed decisions and maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving market landscape 

The Jack Henry Symitar connector for Creatio and the Fiserv connector offer numerous advantages to CUs, insurance companies, or banks of any size. They enhance efficiency by automating data transfer and workflows while minimizing manual efforts. The applications improve cost-efficiency by reducing errors, saving time and resources, and allowing users to focus on strategic tasks. Ensuring data accuracy and consistency across Creatio and Jack Henry Symitar or the Fiserv platform mitigates the risk of errors, preserving data integrity. Ultimately, the apps will help finserv institutions remain competitive by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance their customer service. 

The solutions are yet in their development stage but will be released on the Creatio Marketplace in the near future.  

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