Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.1.1 update package is here
Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.1.1 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line. 

Creatio composable apps. Creatio 8.1.1 offers new composable apps as well as multiple improvements to the existing ones, such as:  

  • The new Order and Contract Management app. This new app, built entirely using Creatio no-code tools, allows users to easily manage a product catalog, orders, invoices, contracts, and other documents in Freedom UI.   

  • Knowledge Management app. All new instances of Sales, Marketing, Service, and Financial Services Creatio products now include this app out of the box.    

  • Case Management app. Contact and account timelines now display linked cases. 

  • Customer 360. Contact and account pages in the mobile app now include the Timeline component. 

  • Marketing Creatio. It is now possible to add campaign participants automatically from landing pages integrated via webhooks using the new Add from web page campaign element.  

End user experience. There are numerous UI/UX and performance improvements that streamline and simplify daily work, among which:  

  • Calendar UX improvements. You can now add online meeting links to activity descriptions, create meetings for a selected period, customize the time scale, and enjoy better UX overall.  

  • Improved rich text UX. Rich text fields, feed messages, and emails in the Timeline component now automatically scale images to fit, as well as allow viewing a full image on click.  

  • Bulk add tags. You can now bulk add or remove tags if you select multiple records in a Freedom UI list.   

  • Streamlined connection of WordPress landing pages. You can now easily connect WordPress landing pages to Creatio via Elementor

... and many more. 

No-code tools. Improved no-code tools will help you create more sophisticated and powerful apps faster and easier:  

  • Application Hub. There are multiple improvements to app package management UX, enabling you to create app packages directly from the No-Code Designer.   

  • Freedom UI Designer. You can now link emails sent via Message Composer and Next steps components to records, manage summaries of list records in Freedom UI using the new Summaries component, color code activities in the calendar, use the new “Tabbed page with Progress bar” page template, and enjoy many other improvements.   

  • Business processes. You can now open Freedom UI pages when working with business processes even if you use Classic UI and enjoy better performance.  

  • Integrations. Creatio now offers a Microsoft Intune compatible mobile app, Streamlined Cisco Finesse integration, and overall improved integration performance. 

Advanced customization. It is now possible for professional developers to run custom code outside of Creatio zone, similarly to runOutsideAngular in the Angular framework. It is now also possible to use custom filters in page schema handlers during development. 

Administration. The “Data input restricted” user license was replaced with the new “External B2C,” “Limited internal” and “Self-service” licenses for more fine-grained user access management.   

Beta testing of new features. Creatio can now add online meeting rooms for Microsoft Teams. A room is added when a meeting organizer sends invitations to participants. The participants receive email notifications that contain the call details.    

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.   

You can also read the release notes HERE.