Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

The Creatio 8.1.2 update package is here!
Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.1.2 update package is here! The following key capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line. 

Creatio composable apps. Creatio 8.1.2 offers new composable apps as well as multiple improvements to the existing ones:  

  • The new Lead Generation app. This new app, built entirely using Creatio no-code tools, allows users to easily manage the customer qualification process, which begins with receiving form submissions from integrated landing pages and extends to nurturing contact needs through a variety of marketing automation workflows. The app is available for all existing Marketing Creatio customers automatically.  

  • Event Management app. This new app, built entirely using Creatio no-code tools, allows users to plan, promote, and manage events. It includes comprehensive event management features to streamline registration processes, enhance attendee engagement through personalized experiences, and gain valuable insights to measure and optimize event success. The app is available for all existing Marketing Creatio customers automatically.      

  • Knowledge Management app. You can now display knowledge base articles to users based on the active stage of a dynamic case by using the Playbook component. 

  • Digital Ads app. You can now specify which of all available Facebook or Google ad accounts to connect to Creatio. 

Marketing Creatio. There is a new Email subscription status that allows you to check whether a contact is subscribed to bulk emails on the contact page and a new Unsubscribe signal that allows you to use contact unsubscribing from a bulk email as a signal in business processes. 

End user experience. There are numerous UI/UX and performance improvements that streamline and simplify daily work, among which:  

  • Calls in Freedom UI. You can now manage calls in the new Freedom UI Calls section and form page. The section contains useful filters and lets you easily find the needed call record.   

  • Summary UX improvements. You can now create custom summaries by any object column or directly connected column, save applied summaries for all users, and reset applied summaries to default. 

  • Combined chat messages of the same Creatio contact. It is now possible to combine messages of the same Creatio contact sent from different contact IDs within the same channel in a single Creatio chat window.  

  • Multiple email UX improvements, and many more. 

No-code tools. Improved no-code tools will help you create more sophisticated and powerful apps faster and easier:  

  • Application Hub. The improvements include the ability to edit the contents of apps installed from a *.zip archive, create a custom start page for the app, and improved app versioning and naming.  

  • Freedom UI Designer. You can now send calendar invitations to meeting participants in Freedom UI using the “Send invite” button action and create emails using the “Create an email” button action. 

  • Business processes. You can now set up bulk actions in the list by launching multiple process instances for selected list records. 

  • Integrations. There are multiple improvements, including a new tool for OAuth health check, automatic creation of external users for OpenID, improvements to the SSO configuration UI, and the ability to set up conditional rules in Intune for the Mobile Creatio for Intune app available on iOS and Android. 

Advanced customization. There are multiple improvements, such as the ability to unlock packages in the configuration for hotfixes, compilation error warnings and a compilation error list, the ability to work with system setting values for external users, and mobile SDK enhancements.  

Administration. The UI for external user management has been improved and streamlined, there’s also the new ability to manage content security policy in the System Designer, enhanced page permission checks, and multiple performance improvements. 

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy.   

You can also read the release notes here.