Creatio Partners with MGS to Empower Innovation with a Maximum Degree of Freedom for More Organizations in the Middle East

This new partnership will help more organizations leverage a leading no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM, boosting growth and innovation
Creatio Partners with MGS to Empower Innovation with a Maximum Degree of Freedom for More Organizations in the Middle East

Creatio, a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom, today announced its partnership with MGS. Located in the Middle East, MGS is a leader in providing enterprise business and technology solutions and services including no-code, AI, CRM, and business process automation space. The new partnership aims to help organizations in their digital transformation journey with Creatio’s award-winning no-code platform.  

“We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Creatio, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. As we continue to strategically expand our market reach, we are delighted to welcome Creatio into our network of quality collaborators. Their innovative approach, seamless integration, CRM, no-code & low-code platform capabilities, and user-friendly yet sophisticated technology align seamlessly with our mission. Through this partnership, we anticipate not only strengthening our presence in the Gulf market but also delivering innovative solutions across all industries. This will enable the efficient and rapid development and deployment of software applications, allowing us to meet customer demands and adapt to market changes more swiftly and cost-effectively. We look forward to a successful collaboration that not only broadens our market influence but also propels us toward new frontiers of technological advancement,” said Assem Rashidi, Executive Manager at MGS. 

Creatio offerings include a no-code platform (Studio Creatio), CRM applications (marketing, sales and service), industry workflows for 20 verticals and marketplace add-ons. Creatio provides its customers with the freedom to own their automation. It is delivered through the unique no-code composable architecture that, in Creatio’s opinion, establishes a new era in business automation. All Creatio products are powered with composable Quantum architecture. With the Quantum architecture, all functionality is available as a set of composable elements. This means that business technologists can use them in any combination to support their unique use cases. By embracing a composable architecture, Creatio empowers no-code creators to seamlessly assemble various components, blocks, and apps to create enterprise-ready solutions that match their unique requirements without coding. 

Creatio is recognized as a Leader and Strong Performer in multiple Gartner and Forrester reports. Creatio products receive raving end-user reviews on peer-to-peer portals. 

“Our shared commitment to helping businesses drive profitable growth and innovation with no-code and AI is at the forefront of our efforts. In partnership with MGS, we’re poised to reinforce a profound influence in the Middle Eastern region,” said Alex Donchuk, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at Creatio. 

About MGS 

MGS specializes in information & content management, business process automation, ERP, RPA, DAS, digital Experience, AI & analytics, no-code, backlog services, consultancy & implementation services, etc. We provide a wide range of unique business solutions and services and systems integration solutions to help organizations in their digital transformation journey. We developed various add-ons business applications around OpenText Extended ECM that are integrated with ERP business leading applications. We've been in the market for more than 20 years, serving ME & MENA regions. MGS currently operates through three offices: Kuwait, Riyadh, and Beirut. 

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About Creatio  

Creatio is a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA.