As of 1 January 2012 BPMonline introduces BPMonline CRM On-Site. This deployment option supposes the access to BPMonline CRM hosted on the in-house servers of the company. BPMonline CRM On-Site deployment has a range of benefits: Onetime payment for BPMonline CRM lifetime usage Independence from the service provider Simplified integration with the non web-based software The cost BPMonline CRM On-Site (using the application hosted on the servers of the client) supposes onetime payment and includes:
Use social networks to search customers’ data BPMonline CRM gets more possibilities to manage customer relationships using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Ability to search contact info, fill in a contact card with the information from social networks. View customer’s profile in social network directly from BPMonline CRM with no additional clicks. Based on the information from social networks indicate the contacts that refer to an account. Google Maps integration
December 16th, 2011, BPMonline, a global provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) tools, announced the release of new version 5.2 of its business process management platform BPMonline and the award-winning process-centric CRM application - BPMonline CRM. The newest version introduces significant upgrades that will allow users and administrators of BPMonline CRM to maximize productivity and optimize everyday work.
December 12, 2011 - Much has been said about the magic of 2012. BPMonline makes its products magically affordable for clients! Get the BPMonline special offer, 20% or 12% discount on BPMonline CRM! December 12th to 20th – 20% discount December 21th to 30th – 12% discount Discount applies to the first 20 BPMonline CRM users. Take the opportunity to purchase the tool to maximize efficiency of your business for extremely low price!
From 60 CRM solutions that competed, BPMonline CRM won CRM Idol in EMEA region, while Get Satisfaction won the title in Americas. BPMonline CRM won the competition by garnering the majority of the judges’ votes, as well as the substantial audience that participated in the voting.
CRM Idol 2011 is on the home stretch. The contest was launched by Paul Greenberg, an acknowledged CRM opinion leader. Despite this is the first season of the contest, it has gained a great deal of buzz throughout the CRM community. The competition was tough! From 60 contestants the judges had to choose only 7 (3 from EMEA and 4 from Americas). BPMonline CRM is competing now with Workbooks CRM Edition ( and Capsule CRM (Zestia).
The CRM Idol 2011 judges tallied their scorecards and have named the 3 EMEA finalists! The CRM Idol 2011 contest was launched by Paul Greenberg, an acknowledged CRM opinion leader and the author of bestselling book “CRM at the speed of the light”. Because more than 50 opinion leaders, journalists, bloggers and consultants have been involved in the project, there has been a great deal of buzz about the competition throughout the CRM world.
BPMonline is honored to announce the BPMonline CRM product review by CRM Idol contest judges. Launched by Paul Greenberg CRM Idol 2011 is an innovative initiative for CRM and Social CRM companies from Americas and EMEA.
London, UK - August 5th, 2011 – BPMonline, a next-generation BPM+CRM technology provider, announces the release of BPMonline CRM new version 5.1, offering melded MS Outlook integration.
BPMonline Outlook Connector The BPMonline Outlook Connector integrates BPMonline CRM into the native MS Outlook interface, providing: One familiar environment to store and manage your client data. Ability to create contacts, send electronic mail, edit contact information, fill in card fields with data from the CRM system lookups. Bi-directional synchronization of BPMonline CRM and MS Outlook contacts and email. Capability to turn off and on synchronization for specific data.
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