Manufacturing and distribution

Put customers at the heart of your manufacturing process with Creatio's low-code CRM for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution
Maintaining high standards of production and service with a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM

Creatio offers sophisticated tools to manage manufacturing and wholesale distribution through multiple sales channels: direct and channel sales, e-commerce, field sales and POS, maintain product catalog and manage orders. With Creatio all-in-one industry-tailored solution manufacturing and distribution companies can benefit from automating key business processes thanks to the tools for efficient sales, service and marketing management, procurement and supply chain management, inventory planning, and document flow automation.

Distribution management
Creatio’s intelligent low-code CRM allows for managing complex distribution processes.
Customer data management
Comprehensive needs analysis
Opportunity management & out-of-the-box sales processes
Distribution through multiple sales channels
Orders and invoices
Field sales
Sales forecasting
Product management
Regardless of the complexity and size of your product portfolio, be certain you can store them all in Creatio.
Unified product catalog with product details and attributes
Capabilities to easily generate complex product bundles considering profitability, special prices, discounts, etc.
Quick and easy product selection considering product attributes and availability in stock
Quote management
Easily generate custom quotes in appropriate formats with efficient quote management tools in Creatio.
Calculate prices and generate quotes
Easily establish special quotes, check the available stock of the product
Convert quotes to invoices
Manage history of quotes
Simplified paperwork
Easily manage a whole set of documents - contracts, invoices, letters, policies and requirements.
Document flow automation
Contract management
Share and approve documents on one platform
Service management
Provide more efficient and effective service with an accurate and complete view of your customers across all channels.
Contact center automation
Registering cases from different sources
Assigning an agent to work on a case
Monitoring the status and duration of the case resolution
Field service
Marketing automation
Automate every step of your marketing campaign and estimate ROI.
Multichannel campaign management
Marketing resource management
Loyalty program management

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