Low-code platform for banks and financial institutions to accelerate business
processes and streamline customer journeys

Manage the complete customer journey and streamline front and middle-office processes to elevate experience of retail and corporate clients


Use Creatio’s low-code to easily automate and manage omnichannel marketing campaigns

Segment your audience by various criteria and engage them with personalized offers in the right channel, at the right time. Use website tracking to get deeper insights into your customers' behaviors and needs, and leverage low-code-driven analytics to keep track of your marketing campaign effectiveness.
Lead and Opportunity Management

Streamline your retail and corporate banking with effective lead and opportunity management

Get a clear understanding of your customers with deep insights into their preferences and needs. Enhance customer engagements across the entire journey and maximize the efficiency of your sales and market efforts with advanced analytical tools.
Customer 360°
Structured relationships
Process automation
Sales acceleration
Customer engagement center

Raise your customer care to a new level

Use Creatio’s advanced customer center and communication tools to improve the processing of your customer claims and requests. Accelerate case processing to reach higher NPS scores and reduce customer churn.
Lending management

Use Creatio’s intelligent product to automate the lending processes

Automate your loan processing with Creatio’s superior tools for workflow and document management. Increase the speed and transparency of your loan provision with end-to-end lending management processes covering the customer journey from a lead to credit committee decision.
Front-office and Middle-office Excellence

Align the efforts of your teams to improve customer experience

Consolidate and automate front- and middle-office processes, including customer onboarding, product management, ending, application verification and underwriting. Increase employee performance and internal productivity by providing unified and easy access to the crucial data and orchestrating execution of needed steps.

Discover the features Creatio offers to deliver better solutions in retail and corporate banking

Customer 360° profile
Provide top-notch customer experience to create an ideal customer journey. Take advantage of all-round customer profiles and flexible segmentation tools, follow the change of customer needs to provide them with top-notch financial services.
Lead and Opportunity management
Use the Creatio low-code platform to effectively manage a complete sales cycle. Attract leads from various sources, automate and closely monitor lead management and sales processes, and get detailed statistics on every deal.
AI and Machine Learning tools
Enforce your decision-making with low-code-driven AI and ML technologies. Use lead scoring to focus on the hottest leads, and streamline workflow with the next best offer option. Leverage Creatio to avoid customer loss with Creatio’s churn prediction.
Loan management
Use Creatio to make lending swift for retail and corporate banking. Manage lending processes of various types, adjust lending terms to your customer needs, streamline verification processes to provide clients with a top-notch experience.
Contact center
Facilitate your contact center processes using Creatio’s powerful low-code and intelligent service tools. Swiftly manage request queues, resolve cases, and conduct timely communication with clients on their most preferable channels.
Consultation panel
Improve your retail and corporate banking services with a powerful consultation panel. The system helps to swiftly find and identify clients to provide them with detailed information on the product or service they need, or easily submit an application or request.
Omnichannel communication
Personalize your interactions with clients at every touchpoint. Communicate with clients and colleagues through their preferred channels, including phone, emails, chats, and Self-Service portal. Don't miss any important data at any level.
Analytics and reporting tools
Monitor your business metrics with advanced low-code-driven analytical tools. Use Creatio to evaluate the effectiveness of your process flow, detect and avoid bottlenecks, and boost the efficiency of business processes in retail and corporate banking.
Efficiency tools
Easily manage your document workflow. Work with contracts and agreements, preserve their electronic versions in a database and use the built-in approval procedure to automate approval processes for documents of any type.


BPM engine
Empower business process automation in your financial institution. Apply Creatio’s BPM-engine to automate customer-facing and operational processes of any complexity.
Low-code platform
Use a powerful low-code platform to build and customize business processes without IT skills. Increase your productivity by using industry-specific tools available in Creatio’s Marketplace.
Unified CRM
Align the efforts of your marketing, sales, and service teams to create an ideal customer journey. Use Creatio’s unified CRM platform to manage client data, increase conversions, improve customer experience and increase sales rates.

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