Learn how Callpop ran a race while putting their shoes on

“It was a lot of work to get done. We trusted Creatio to facilitate all the processes”. Brian Morgan, COO, Callpop

Callpop, a simply powerful, unique technology, integrates phone systems with medical practice management solutions to provide users with relevant information about their patient or customer - before the phone is even answered.

The integration prompts a “screen pop” mini-dashboard when a customer calls. The caller ID is detected and key information about the customer is displayed allowing the recipient of the call to not only know who is calling, but view additional information important to strengthening customer relationships.

The team at Callpop believes technology is the driving force behind their current and future success

As a new company based out of Utah, USA, with 3,000+ new locations forecast for roll out in the next year, the team at Callpop recognized the need for a CRM software early in the startup, “We needed to start an entire business from scratch as fast as possible. It was like running a race while putting your shoes on. Luckily, we got our shoes on quickly,“ said Brian Morgan, COO. Callpop’s list of criteria for the CRM software, however, was not a walk in the park. Ideally, the CRM needed to not only handle lead flows and account management, but process automation, easy customization of business rules and Web APIs for external systems integration.

As such, the team loved Creatio for its low-code, single platform, robustness of functionality and user-friendly interface which enables them to accelerate user adoption and customization of the system.

Callpop was proactive about process automation from day 1

Callpop believed that it was best to start the journey right by automating all processes from the get go rather than designing manual processes that would eventually lead to time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Creatio’s out-of-the-box processes helped the phone integration company commence on the right foot with pre-defined best practices. Approximately 40% of Callpop’s processes stem from the best practice modules built by Creatio. The rest of the processes were so easy and quick to automate and customize. “We needed to add 50+ custom fields since we are tracking key technical values in our processes. We also needed to control process steps to ensure smooth execution along the way. Even with all this, we were up and running within a week from signing,” said Brian.

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“That’s our bread and butter.” Brian Morgan, Callpop

Callpop implemented in short sprints on a daily basis using an agile development methodology. “It was a lot of work to get done. We were able to centralize all data entry into Creatio and then automate the entire process using Web API integrations and business processes. We trusted Creatio to facilitate all the processes,” stated Brian.

Creatio provides citizen developer friendly open API that enables external services to interact with the system. “I can get data in and out of Creatio and control other systems - without web API calls, I would not be able to do this as easily. That’s our bread and butter,” said Brian.

This is one of Brian’s favorite features as an external system can easily call into Creatio and a run a process as part of the call, “we want data to flow right into the system so we never have to retype it. Instead of having systems personnel go to a variety of different systems, Creatio is becoming the management console of all these different systems” said Brian. The time needed to modify Creatio configurations, as compared to other systems that took hours, requires minutes with mostly a low/no-code solution.

What was manually taking 30 min, now only takes 3 seconds

“We are rapidly growing our team and having a cloud-based solution allows employees to work from a variety of locations with zero IT support; just need a browser and you are in business. This will allow us to expand our operations team, only train them on the Creatio interface and not on the back-end systems ensuring efficiency, security and dramatically reducing errors,” said Brian.

With the right tools in place, Callpop is challenging its market competitors by driving innovation, growth and proactive service to its ever-growing customer database.

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