Achieving business results through process agility


Recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using a business process management (BPM) platform to accommodate growing customer needs. The experts are emphasizing the benefits of combining CRM and BPM technologies, pointing to the importance of incorporating business process management at every stage of customer journey. Forrester estimates the global BPM market growth from $4.4 billion in 2012 to $7.6 billion in 2016.

A CRM solution with a BPM engine under the hood is a great option in helping you to continually introduce and modify new business processes. With a process-based CRM, businesses can design and automate processes that fit their specific needs while adjusting them quickly and efficiently. BPM and CRM technologies altogether enable companies to regularly detect the inefficiencies and offer the needed agility to easily adjust processes, without additional technical expertise. CRM with BPM functionality can also help to replicate success throughout the company. If you evaluate why some teams reached their goals while others are straggling, you will define a pattern of processes that make success happen. BPM combined with CRM help identify the best processes, replicate them and effectively apply across the company.

"Many organizations are either beginning, or in the midst of, digital business transformation initiatives. We expect that only 30% of these efforts will succeed. To be part of that 30%, business and IT leaders must be ready and willing to innovate rapidly from a business model, business process and technology perspective," said Julie Short, research director at Gartner. Business agility nowadays is a core differentiator in the rapidly changing business environment. That is why to be competitive and to quickly respond to the changing environment, businesses should focus on how to make their processes more flexible.

We deeply studied the subject and came up with the study that offers business insights and practical recommendations on how to streamline business processes, while improving efficiency.


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