Benefits of process-driven approach to CRM

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Today’s economy is going through a period of a lightning-fast transformation. In this turbulent environment forced by a steady pace of change that is affecting all major industries, companies are seeking ways to ‘adjust’ their operations to keep ahead of the competition.

Recent studies reveal that organizations that have a formal process at place observe 18% higher revenue than companies that haven't. Another researches show that 43% of the companies observe an increased efficiency after two months of implementation of business process automation software.

Therefore, businesses that are on a lookout for solutions to help them adapt to an ever-evolving business environment need to consider building formalized business processes in order to enhance the customer experience and cut operating expenses. Furthermore, to be fully effective, forward-thinking organizations are implementing process-driven CRM solutions that are capable to genuinely boost employees’ productivity, streamline businesses processes and shrink the value gap for end users. This process driven approach allows them to gain flexibility and agility to achieve needed results in a much rapid pace. Process driven CRM at place also helps businesses to improve customer experience and better engage with customers across different channels by effectively connecting the dots between marketing, sales and service.

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