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Every year CRM Magazine awards companies which in the past year have made a significant impression on the industry. This year BPMonline was considered as exactly this kind of a company and was voted a Rising Star for 2012. In this blog I’ll try to explore what lies behind the words ‘significant impression on the industry’. To do so I will explain the main philosophy behind Business Process Management and its role in improving service within the CRM industry.

A BPM solution has always been seen as a tool for improving business efficiency via process automation and optimization. However, in the last decade the importance of service has increased dramatically, therefore businesses are striving to employ the latest BPM technologies to improve service. Surprisingly, there are only a few solutions that can provide process management tools accompanied with service desk functionality, therefore BPMonline decided to fill this niche.

The Editors of CRM Magazine, who selected this year’s Rising Star Awards really raised the bar in terms of the judging criteria. Luckily, our solution BPMonline Service Desk contains all the tools that are needed for delivering great service, such as request management, change management and SLA management tools The product employs a significant number of ITIL* recommendations, so, without undue modesty, it is correct to say that BPMonline Service Desk is an embodiment of ITIL best practices in software. Moreover, since BPMonline is a process management platform, all service processes can be changed on-the-fly.

Katerina Kostereva, CEO, says: “We understand this market, because we ourselves work hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and we know how difficult it can be. But despite all these challenges, we also know how important it is to deliver great service to build long-lasting relationships with customers. That is why we continuously streamline our processes; the service department is the most innovative one in BPMonline”.

I should also mention that this is not our only award within the last 12 months, we have been honoured with several other significant accolades such as CRM Idol 2012 and inclusion in ZDNet’s CRM Watchlist 2012. We are pleased that thought leaders endorse process management for driving business performance and consider our BPM platform as one of the most highly demanded technologies available today.

*The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business

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