Bpm'online celebrates renaming to Creatio

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As of today, we have renamed ourselves to Creatio! We’ve been preparing for this day wanted a new name for a while, and we wanted to celebrate this monumental event in the company’s history.

We knew that with a name like “Creatio,” we would need to get as creative with our celebration as our users do with our platform. To ensure a breathtaking show, our CEO Katherine Kostereva along with over 160 employees went skydiving – most for their first time ever – launching our new company name in the sky with them.

“It was exciting, it wasn’t scary at all,” said Kostereva after she landed. “It was actually really fun, lots of fun!”

“That was just incredible, what an experience,” John Binda, enterprise account executive of Creatio remarked after skydiving. “What a great time, I would definitely do it again.”

The stunt was a part of an engaging video for the official online renaming event, available for anyone to view on our channel. In addition to the amazing skydiving footage, a bright impressive party took place as all employees of the company gathered in one location. Our customers, partners and analysts shared the joy of the moment with us during extensive communications before the renaming.

We were pleasantly surprised to have such an overwhelmingly positive response from partners and clients about our new name. Our own staff really love our new name too, and many of them had something to say about it during the renaming festivities.

“I think the new name is amazing. I think it symbolizes what we’re all about, which is helping clients create,” said Tristan Rock, Regional Sales Director. “I think it couldn’t be more applicable to what we do, so I’m excited to launch it.”

Binda also remarked about the positive response from partners and customers. “…we’ve done a lot of big things to announce the new name…I’ve talked specifically with customers and with partners, and they’re all excited about the new name. Now we have Creatio, and everybody can be a developer and create their own creatios, so it’s a great name.”

Bpm’online is now Creatio. We are happy that our company identity now matches what we admire most about our platform – its creators and the amazing solutions they create on it. All of our events were made with the idea in mind that everyone could celebrate this change with us, and it is clear that we succeeded in this regard, mostly thanks to the amazing participation and response from our beloved clients and partners from all over the world. We thank everyone who celebrated with us this month, and we are looking forward to our bright new future as Creatio!

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