Call Centre Expo trends and experience

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This week Helen Iron and Andrey Dovgan participated in Europe’s major event for the Call Centre and Customer Management industry. At this event they find themselves in the midst of great mix of presentations, vendor exhibition stands and other side events.

This post is aimed at anyone who wants to catch up with all the latest and greatest going on in call centers management, customer service, IT, and operations. We invite you to spot emerging trends and have a look on what was presented this year.

Multichannel and Cloud

The first thing to mention is the strengthened presence of fully integrated, cloud-based interaction management systems. This trend was imminent, because multichannel customer interaction is a must now. On the other hand, cloud solutions beat on-premise systems thanks to their cost efficiency.

Customer Experience

The other trending topic was a Customer Experience Management. The solution that was closest to CEM on this show was an Agent Desktop. BPMonline presented its own BPMonline CRM Agent Desktop that combines the features of a comprehensive process-based CRM solution and contact center automation system. There are two cool features that may catch your attention. First one is the Customer Centric Cross Sale Decision capability that guides agents during interaction with a customer. Second one is the unified window that enables agents to do 99% of their tasks in one screen, eliminating the necessity to switch between mazes of tabs and forms.

Service Desk

The final trend that we spotted was a prevailing interest to service desk solutions. Due to flat or shrinking budgets, many IT departments are coming under pressure to do more with less, all while expectations for greater IT responsiveness to organizational demands continue to rise. This spurs customer service professionals to find new IT solutions that will enable them to configure, automate and conduct customer service processes analysis in a way that will improve availability and service levels while reducing service costs.

Well, that’s it. Thanks to all who joined us during this event, we hope that our conversations were meaningful and helpful to you.

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