Celebrate bpm’online’s renaming event with us on October 30th

September 13, 2019

We are immensely happy to announce our renaming as of October 30th and invite everyone to join the biggest and most unusual online event in the company’s history!

During the session, you can enjoy the breathtaking and extreme show where we will be sending the all-new company name out into the sky! Exciting company updates and a look into the behind-the-scenes life of bpm’online is also on the agenda.

While the company name is changing, the strategy, products, team, and commitment to empowering organizations with the best low-code / no-code BPM platform and sophisticated CRM products remain the same.

Seventeen years ago, the company started as a small European startup with five people on board without any external funding or venture capital. Today, bpm’online is a global software vendor with several offices around the world, thousands customers and more than 500 employees. Its core differentiator is the unique synergy of a low-code platform for business process management and CRM, with an extensive marketplace of apps and templates which helps enterprises accelerate the complete digital transformation cycle.

“We’ve been extensively growing and transforming with our clients lately. It’s been 17 years of bpm’online being on the market already and our solution has, of course, revamped since then. Our new name and visual identity are how we express ourselves, and also affect how people perceive our products and company. The renaming is aimed at giving a simpler and clearer communication of our vision and mission to help companies accelerate,” stated Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner of bpm’online.

Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to explore the new company name and identity!

Register for our launch event today and watch us launch our new name into the sky.

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