Convenient Software Solutions unlocks the power of technology-driven innovation with Creatio

June 26, 2020

Convenient Software Solutions is a Netherlands-based software company that provides cutting-edge technology in the healthcare industry. Convenient supports and develops custom software packages aimed at facilitating business operations and providing better patient care.

The company was looking for a technology upgrade that would put them ahead of the competition. They wanted to avoid operational silos by replacing its patchwork IT infrastructure with a unified software environment. As a tech-savvy company, Convenient had a wide range of criteria for a new process automation and CRM system. Creatio was chosen among several other vendors for its high flexibility and rich capabilities.

With Creatio’s single platform for sales, marketing, customer service and operations management, Convenient was able to keep better track of both its internal and customer-facing operations.

Convenient creatio success story Evoqia

Together with Creatio, Convenient Software Solutions was able to leverage digital transformation, grow customer engagement, and deliver excellent customer service.

Creatio was implemented by Evoqia, Creatio’s highly valued partner. The company pursues the mission of supporting organizations, both profit and non-profit, in coping with digital revolution challenges. To do that, Evoqia implements fully customized platforms that integrates into the customer's existing environments.


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