Creatio Academy introduces revamped Certification program

April 02, 2019

We are always reaching for new heights and continuous improvement is our philosophy. This time Creatio is pleased to announce its revamped Certification program designed to take your career to the next level. The certification is a great way to assess your knowledge and skills in Creatio customization and development.

Users can assess their knowledge and skills in one of two areas: Creatio analyst and Creatio developer. Creatio analyst certification is intended for such roles as implementation specialists, business analysts, sales managers, pre-sales engineers, and CRM coordinators while Creatio developer certification is intended for custom solution developers. There are two different levels of certification available: basic and advanced.

Our newest certification is a 1.5-hour assessment designed to help users assess their knowledge and skills in Creatio customization and development. The new certification exam consists of three different stages:

  • Stage 1: Practical “homework” assignment (performed remotely, prior to the certification)
  • Stage 2: Testing the knowledge of the selected Creatio product, platform, and features
  • Stage 3: Interview to assess relevant skills (for Creatio analyst exam only)

Let’s delve deeper into each stage.

       1. Homework assignment
The Creatio analyst certification assignment includes testing the knowledge of such functionality as adding sections and workplaces, setting up business rules, creating tabs, setting up permissions, building business processes, etc. The Creatio developer certification is built to assess development skills, skills in client- and server-side debugging and using built-in customization tools.

       2. Testing
The testing stage is aimed at assessing the knowledge of the selected Creatio product, platform, and features. The applicant receives a direct link to the test on the academy website. The test question topics depend on the type of exam chosen.

       3. Interview to access relevant skills
The interview stage is designed to evaluate an applicant’s technical skills. This stage is held in the form of an interview with a trainer. Post interview, the trainer posts the test results to the   Creatio academy.

Learn more about the certification policy >>

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