Creatio bridges the gap between university and its entrants at British University Vietnam

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Creatio bridges the gap between university and its entrants at British University Vietnam

British University Vietnam (BUV) is a little England in the heart of Hanoi. Being a renowned higher education institution and positioning itself as a 100% international establishment, British University Vietnam offers a range of programs for undegraduates, researchers, and those pursuing an MBA. BUV's curriculum is aligned with the teaching programmes and educational standards of the University of London and Staffordshire University, which enables BUV students to graduate with British degree certificates in their hands.

As British University Vietnam kept increasing in popularity, university employees became overloaded with numerous student applications. They were struggling with optimizing admission processes and managing aplicants' data effectively.

BUV's management wanted to automate the student inquiry process, unify a student database for marketing and recruitment departments, ensure effective omnichannel lead management, and obtain a 360-degree profile of each applicant. Choosing Creatio as a CRM solution for its marketing department, British University Vietnam employees acquired the tool that was able to meet all their requirements.

With the help of Creatio, BUV's marketing team successfully streamlined its admission process while keeping the quality of applications management and customer services at a high level.

Flexidata, Creatio’s business partner, implemented Creatio for BUV. Flexidata offers a diverse portfolio of cloud solutions, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Task Management & Team Collaboration, and Business Process Automation. The company’s experience spans from banking/financial services, education, consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Learn more about Creatio’s implementation project details and benefits in the case study of British University Vietnam:
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