Creatio drives warehouse digitalization for Rangel Logistics Solutions

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Creatio drives warehouse digitalization for Rangel Logistics Solutions

Rangel Logistics Solutions, a global logistics operator, provides its customers with one-stop shop transportation and logistics solutions. With over 40 years of experience in the market, the company leverages best industry practices to ensure top-notch services tailored for multiple industries, from automotive and electronics to fine arts and ecommerce. The company employs 1500 people to serve 23,000 customers in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Rangel Logistics Solutions utilized Creatio’s CRM and BPM offerings to optimize warehouse quality control processes. Prior to Creatio implementation, the company’s outdated warehouse management practices were overwhelming for its employees. Paper-based quality checklists were not sufficient to provide timely updates on numerous cargo inspections. As warehouse staff struggled to inspect more than 100 trucks a day and thousands of cargo items using their current system, the company realized they needed an efficient tool to manage data in real-time and streamline communication with the key stakeholders.

Aiming for operational excellence, Rangel Logistics Solutions decided to put technology at the heart of its business innovation strategy. The company opted for Studio Creatio as the most suitable tool to digitalize warehouse operations, revamp business processes, and boost workplace efficiency.

Creatio’s customized platform and user-friendly mobile application helped Rangel Logistics Solutions advance its warehouse management and achieve its business targets faster.

“The dedication, flexibility and effort put into the development of the implemented solution was outstanding. The results are magnificent and proven to be the best solution designed at the beginning of the project. Even more due to the flexibility of the tool and the capacity to rapidly adapt to new requirements” - Miguel Novais, Operations Manager of Contract Logistics at Rangel Logistics Solutions.

Creatio was implemented by imDigital, Creatio’s partner and innovative solutions provider. ImDigital empowers its customers to drive digital transformation by helping them redesign business models, automate business processes and transform customer experience.

To learn more about Rangel Logistics Solutions’s success with Creatio, click here.

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