Creatio helps Windrose Airlines rise to higher heights in customer service

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Creatio helps Windrose Airlines rise to higher heights in customer service

Windrose Airlines is a trusted airline company that offers a wide range of flights across Europe and the Middle East. Constantly raising the bar for its quality standards and customer services, the company experienced rapid growth in the last 15 years. With greater business efficiency in mind, Windrose Airlines decided to adopt a leading-edge technology to help them nurture customer centricity.

Heading towards customer-facing processes improvements, Windrose Airlines put Creatio at the center of its innovations strategy. The company was inspired by a wide array of capabilities and solutions the system could provide them. Therefore, with the help of Creatio, the airline’s customer support center went through a major overhaul.

Creatio helped the company leverage omnichannel customer experience with a range of technology-driven solutions, such as AI-powered chatbots enabling 24/7 customer support, a self-service portal for streamlined case management, and integration with a telephony solution. Automated requests processing, standardized cases routing, optimized customer data management, and enhanced communication channels were among the key gains the company observed upon implementing Creatio. Windrose Airlines is not going to stop at this point – together with Creatio, the company aims to improve its customer services even further.

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