Creatio launches an all-new Marketplace Application Certification

June 17, 2019

We are deeply invested in expanding the Marketplace with new connectors, add-ons, and software solutions that meet the highest quality standards and adhere to the needs of customers.

One of our primary goals is to support a global community of developers, business analysts, and other professionals involved in the development of applications. Inspired by this intention, we have launched a new certification program for Marketplace applications.

The certification is a process, which includes initial application quality assurance and the vendor’s technical support quality audit, as well as further regular application reviews. Certified solutions will get additional promotion from the Sales Creatio team as well as recommendations on development from R&D. All Marketplace app developers can apply to participate in this program. The certification process includes the following stages:

1.       Developer request

A developer, who published a solution on the Marketplace, applies for certification by submitting a request to the Marketplace team.

2.       Request approval

Once the request is submitted, the Marketplace team evaluates whether the product is eligible for the certification or not. If the solution meets all of the outlined requirements, the team schedules the time to conduct the certification.

3.       Quality Certification

Developers and Marketplace team thoroughly test the solution to verify whether the application meets the high quality standards and Definition of Done (DoD) criteria.  

4.       Technical Support Certification

Applicants must ensure efficient and top-quality resolution of all cases reported by their customers. Implementation of the necessary changes in the developer’s customer service processes is a required stage of the Marketplace solution certification. During this stage, the Creatio team audits the support team performance and reports on the problems to be fixed if any.

5.       Regular audit

To ensure certified applications maintain the high standard, the Marketplace team conducts regular customer service audits and measures the KPIs of the customers’ satisfaction.

Certified solutions get the following promotional and development opportunities on the Creatio Marketplace:

·         The Marketplace issues a special “Certified” badge for all certified applications, stating that these apps were reviewed and recommended by Creatio experts.

·         Certified Marketplace solutions are included in the sales kits and are promoted alongside core Creatio products.

·         All certified solutions undergo a review by Creatio experts for recommendations on improvements and further development.

·         Customer service standards of certified apps are regularly reviewed and shortcomings are pointed out to the developers. Case escalation process involves engagement from Creatio experts and management.

“This procedure is designed to ensure Marketplace applications comply with the quality standards of the core Creatio products. Thus, we’ll be able to recommend certified applications to our customers. For developers, it is an opportunity not only to certify the quality of their solutions but also to receive recommendations regarding improvement. We wanted both users and application developers to benefit from the program. Our new app certification process perfectly matches this need,” commented Alexey Orlov, Head of Digital.

If you are interested in creating, promoting or certifying your Creatio applications, learn more on the certification procedure or contact the Marketplace team.

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