Creatio named a winner in the CRM Watchlist 2019

February 19, 2019

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been named a winner of the prestigious 2019 CRM Watchlist led by Paul Greenberg, one of the most influential thought leaders in the CRM industry, the author of the best-selling ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’, and Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC. Creatio, which has won four times in the past, becomes the winner again as one of the leading CRM vendors. The CRM Watchlist award recognizes organizations that had the most impact in the customer-facing technology world in 2018 and are likely to continue to have it for the next few years.

The winners of the awards were selected from 73 CRM technology providers that submitted applications. The evaluation was based on various criteria that altogether outline the impact an organization has on the CRM market. Customer engagement, customer success, account-based marketing, integrated and expanded CRM, conversational interfaces and influencer programs are some noticeable trends of interest that were identified when it came to how the technology vendors were looking at and acting in the world.

“Your impact in a market is the basis for this award. If your company wins, it's because they not only had an impact in the prior year, but that impact will be sustained for at least two or three more years.” – said Paul Greenberg. “The company has to be well-rounded: it has financial stability, solid management, excellent products and services, superb culture, and a strong partner ecosystem to help sustain its efforts. It has to have a clear vision and mission and also clear-cut strategies for outreach to get external forces - customers, analysts, journalists, prospects, influencers, etc. - engaged.”

Creatio is the most agile CRM platform for midsize and large enterprises to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations. Aligning marketing, sales and service on a single CRM platform with interconnected processes, Creatio provides users with extensive tools to manage a complete customer journey, from the first point of contact to customer service. This gives Creatio clients a competitive edge and tools to keep up with the pace of the market shift.

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