Creatio serves Xledger UK a fully-fledged tool to build advanced business solutions effortlessly with the help of low-code technology

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Creatio Xledger

Xledger is a leading provider of cloud-based finance software that helps organizations run a leaner and more efficient finance department while empowering them to understand the key financials in real time. With almost 25 years of industry expertise, Xledger built an impressive portfolio of over 10,000 customers in 60 countries.

Xledger UK opted for a low-code system for process management and CRM to break down operational silos and improve the company’s connectivity from a technological perspective. The company aimed at replacing its many disconnected systems with a single platform allowing for cross-functional collaboration and wide customization across the company’s various branches and teams. “It had to be a truly global, data-driven system,” stated Justin Morris, Head of Service Delivery.

Mark Pullen, CEO at Xledger UK, and Justin Morris, Head of Service Delivery, were the leaders of Xledger’s digital transformation project. Recently, they shared their experience of deploying and using Creatio and pinpointed the key elements of the company’s low-code strategy. Watch the webinar to learn how Creatio’s low-code solutions helped Xledger UK meet their business goals effectively:

Creatio was implemented by Praesto Consulting, Creatio’s valued partner. Praesto understood Xledger’s vision for digital transformation well and helped the company achieve it through the implementation of a low-code platform for process management and CRM. With a tech-savvy approach and a well-thought-out implementation strategy along with a solid vendor and partner support, Xledger UK was able to deploy the system within only 3 months, having replaced three different legacy systems they used across offices in the USA, UK, Norway and Sweden.

Creatio Xledger

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