Essential AI tools for every marketer


With over 2.5. quintillions of data created daily, organizations struggle to structure and use it in the right way. Artificial Intelligence emerged disruptively in business environment and offers immense opportunities for organizations that know how to put data to use. According to a recent study, 80% of executives believe artificial intelligence improves worker performance.

AI powered tools enable marketers to build more effective marketing strategies, improve their marketing performance and stay competitive outperforming the rivals. For this purpose, every marketer can and should consider intelligent tools.


AI powered data enrichment and segmentation


Approximately 37% of companies experience difficulties converting data into actionable insight. Intelligent tools allow marketers to translate the data into knowledge-based customer and prospect interactions enabling them to act smart with the data collected and ensure more predictable marketing outcomes.

With intelligent data enrichment marketers can obtain a 360-degree contact view and get a better understanding of the resources required to convert a specific lead into an opportunity. While intelligent segmentation tools enable marketers to automatically assign new leads to the most relevant segment base as well as map them to existing customers based on specific criteria increasing sophistication and efficiency of the lead-to-revenue cycle.

Intelligent marketing campaigns

In addition, intelligent tools can help digital marketers swiftly react to market changes and keep their products and services on the forefront of their audiences’ minds. Intelligent marketing automation systems provide marketers with advanced yet easy to use tools to effortlessly adjust their marketing processes and optimize marketing campaigns on the fly. Furthermore, the system with next-best-action capabilities defines the sequence of actions that will most likely lead to the highest lead/opportunity conversion rates and offers marketing professionals the next-best-action to help them choose the most relevant and efficient process flow.

Predictive lead scoring and enhanced lead management

Marketing teams can benefit from intelligent lead management capabilities like predictive lead scoring, intelligent lead routine, and more intelligent nurturing campaigns to deliver smarter customer experiences across marketing interactions. As recent research shows, 90% of users agree that predictive lead scoring provides more value than traditional lead scoring approaches, while 98% of respondents say they would purchase predictive lead scoring again.

In addition, AI powered tools allows for building smarter marketing strategies to convert more prospects and streamlining processes across entire customer journey.

Leveraging these intelligent tools enable digital marketers not only to generate more high-quality leads but also become more customer-focused crafting the most personalized nurturing messages as well as delivering these messages to relevant audiences right at the needed time and in the most effective channels.


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