January 14, 2021

Creatio low-code platform for process management and CRM serves customers in over 110 countries as a robust solution to meet multiple customers’ needs. From end-to-end front and middle office process automation to enabling organizations to create low-code companies, the platform’s wide-ranging features allow system users to improve business results exponentially  

In times where change is the new normal, the companies that are not able to continuously adapt to the changing market landscape and evolving customer needs will be left behind by their more agile competitors. Therefore, undoubtedly, businesses should not neglect the tools or solutions that might help them gain a competitive advantage 

With the mission to help companies accelerate, Creatio provides its customers with not only a set of tools to build new apps and improve the existing processes, but also with various opportunities to extend the platform’s capabilities, a library of useful resources and learning materials, and a strong support network. In this article, we have consolidated the main tips and use cases of how to maximize the benefits of Creatio for greater business results. By implementing just some of these strategies, business and IT leaders will be able to take an improved approach to manage organizational change and further drive digital transformation. Now, just think of the improvements with the implementation of all the strategies.   

Harnessing citizen developer power 

Creatio’s intuitive, easy-to-use low-code development tools allow businesses to grow fully-fledged low-code centers of excellence within their organizations. By building in-house teams of citizen developers, the companies are able to increase and accelerate the adoption of technology-driven innovations, speed up app development and process automation, and nurture a culture of continuous operational improvement. With Creatio’s powerful yet easy to use solution, business users can define workflows and build processes for tasks of any complexity to automate operations across several departments. 

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Low-code is a key ingredient in Creatio’s recipe for successful digital transformation that allows for creating the environment where business and IT leaders work side by side effectively. This, in turn, implies a seamless execution of projects that fully meet the changing business needs. Most importantly, citizen developers are able to minimize the workload of the IT team and eliminate the need to request the vendor or partner for process and app adjustments or upgrades every time company decision-makers come up with a new tech-related business idea. This can also help cut spending on third-party app development.

With Creatio’s low-code platform for process management and CRM, business ideas can be automated in minutes without coding. From customer-facing applications to integrations with third party solutions — users can create several types of business applications, including customer engagement apps, operational efficiency optimization apps, UI, data model and business logic, AI-based solutions, and more. 

"Our rapid growth has been enabled with the help of Creatio low-code platform and the solutions that we’ve been able to develop ourselves by leveraging Creatio’s low code capabilities.” - Milan diPierro,  Partner & COO at Ivy Ventures 

To help businesses jumpstart citizen development, Creatio Academy offers a wide range of learning resources including guided learning sessions, e-learning courses, a library of documentation for developers, and much more. Creatio also conducts on-demand assessments to provide Creatio analyst or developer certification 

Making the most out of a unified CRM platform 

Creatio’s sales, marketing, and customer service moduleare available on a single low-code platform allowing for end-to-end operational transparency, unified data management, and seamless cross-functional alignment. That is why businesses that struggle with operational silos should consider deploying Creatio’s CRM bundle to support the company’s sales, marketing, and customer service operations simultaneously. 

Adopting more than one Creatio CRM module can help business leaders build a more comprehensive strategy for operational excellence. By looking at sales, marketing, and customer service as not three isolated business processes environments, but as a single ecosystem, the company’s teams can follow the entire customer journey and view all touch points to improve customer relations and increase loyalty 

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Recognized by multiple analyst firms, customer review resources, sites like FindMyCRM, and customers alike, the scalability and ease of configuration of Creatio’s unified CRM platform make it a perfect fit for a business of any size and from any industry. 

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Learn more about Marketing CreatioSales CreatioService CreatioStudio Creatio and its key functions to better understand how it can help your business grow. 

Enhancing the platform’s capabilities with Creatio Marketplace solutions  

Whenever your business is looking to further optimize and improve operationsCreatio Marketplace is the place to look for the solution or inspiration. The marketplace offers a variety of ready-to-go apps to extend the platform’s functionality and deliver task-specific or industry-specific features and capabilities.  

Deploying out-of-the-box solutions might be extremely beneficial for businesses who do not have spare time to wait for a tailor-made solution to be built and deployed. Besides that, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when the needed solution is only a click away.  

The solutions available on the marketplace include add-ons, connectors, and templates for multiple business needs ranging from collaboration and productivity apps to custom dashboards to data migration and configuration solutions. Additionally, the number of apps is growing every month thanks to the contribution of Creatio’s partner network.  

Keeping track of the platform’s regular updates and functionality enhancements 

Driven by the idea of continuous improvement, Creatio puts great effort into enhancing the platform’s capabilities and delivering even more user-friendly, agile, and robust solutions. Creatio’s loyal customers that have been using the system for years know well how fast and drastically the platform has evolved.   

With every new product release, Creatio provides its users with new tools to accelerate process automation, leverage low-code solutions more efficiently, optimize customer-facing and internal workflows, and leverage more complex solutions easily. Therefore, it is vital to keep up with Creatio’s latest updates to be sure that your company is not missing out on any opportunities 

After working with Creatio for some time, I believe what impresses me the most is the speed and momentum at which the platform evolves and improves. Many of the features we wished the system had one year ago is now a part of Creatio” - Luís Azevedo, Operations Manager at imDigital 

Read Creatio’s latest release notes to discover the most advanced platform’s features.  

Leveraging Creatio’s network expertise to design a winning technology roadmap for scaling the platform 

Creatio does not only provide its customers with the solutions to help them accelerate but creates an environment that encourages business growth. Creatio’s wide network of partners, technology experts, and fellow citizen developers is an active community that is willing to help other businesses guide their digital transformation efforts. Therefore, by utilizing all these resources and opportunities, businesses are able to incorporate some valuable recommendations and boost their IT strategy. Visit Creatio Community to discover the latest ideas and tips from fellow Creatio users.  

Additionally, to help companies set the right strategic direction for scaling the low-code platform for process management and CRM, Creatio’s customer success department provides guidance and support at any stage of the customer lifecycle. All combined, these approaches might help companies better shape their IT strategy while avoiding potential risks.     

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