How investing in proven technology can ease the borrowing process for tribal communities

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Native Community Capital Kewl Consulting Creatio

Native Community Capital (NCC) is a team of financing professionals who serve as the intermediary between the Native American leaders and the business sector. As a not-for-profit organization, NCC is dedicated to providing tribal communities with access to capital resources for their homes and businesses. NCC works closely with both public and private-sector partners to help the tribes build a strong, diverse, and enduring economic foundation.

In recent years, NCC has expanded tremendously, adding new products to its portfolio and offering its services in more locations across tribal lands. NCC’s rapid growth and its merging with another lender encouraged the company to revamp its business strategies and embrace new technology to meet its growing business requirements. NCC strived to become more nimble by using robust software solutions in order to serve its customers better. Сreatio was a perfect fit for them in terms of system capabilities, adaptability, and ease of use for customers.

Native Community Capital Creatio Kewl Consulting

With the help of Creatio, NCC took its loan management to the next level. Thanks to a consolidated customer database, advanced data filtering capabilities, standardized processes, and other Creatio’s tools, NCC was able to create underwriting reports in minutes instead of hours. The company was also able to improve its stakeholder interactions and leverage data-driven strategies for continuous business improvement.

Creatio was implemented by Kewl Consulting, Creatio’s partner. Kewl Consulting excels at combining the right software solutions with effective processes to optimize the teams' results. Since 2001, Kewl Consulting has been serving the United States and Canada with full-service consulting and CRM/BPM implementations.


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