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Most small companies stay small, most big companies grow slowly, but the majority of the mid-sized companies are the ones that demonstrate rapid growth. According to the, middle-market companies perform better than their peers. Whether in manufacturing or services, these companies tend to generate stronger revenues and overall growth, and report strategic and operational benefits from global engagement. Jack Sweeney from Middle Market Thought Leader interviewed Miсhael Rooney, svp and general manager of bpm'online to find out what it takes to be a leader of a rapidly expanding IT company.

Here is a small abstract from the interview where Michael Rooney focuses on principles of business growing, performance management, strategic and operational benefits from global engagement.

What are the biggest obstacles in growing company in the overseas markets?
MK: Its all about understanding the end goal, which could be five, ten, fifteen years from now. For bpm’online the biggest obstacle is brand recognition. We have great differentiators and we have a very mature product offerings at a very competitive price point. We just need the market to understand better what advantages our system offers over competition. The truth is, once we have a chance to demonstrate our product the response is no less than “wow”. Such “aha” moments allow us to define the next path in company growth confirming the fact that we are heading in the right direction.

Tell us why middle market customers are the part of your strategy?
MK: Bpm’online develops the best of breed technologies for process-driven CRM. The beauty and core value of bpm’online products are the out-of-the-box processes that guide users through the most effective actions to accelerate results. These differentiators appeal to mid market companies very much making us a perfect fit for their organizations. Our system is very flexible which accommodates rapid growth, which is also another advantage of our technology…

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