Namu Travel sees triple-digit gains with Creatio

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Hearing customer companies share their vendor experiences is one of the best ways to validate a vendor’s claim that its solution is good for businesses and customers. So, at Creatio’s ACCELERATE event (May 3-4, 2018), several companies shared with attendees their success stories using Creatio. For their presentations, each presenter had to address three key points: the challenge they faced prior to Creatio, why they chose Creatio, and the results of their Creatio deployment. Below, you may see the details from one of Creatio’s customer case study presentations – success story of a travel agency, Namu Travel Group.

Company: Namu Travel Group

Focus: Central American travel agency specializing in personalized, boutique vacations

Name: Daniel Meyers

Title: Process Specialist

1.   What challenges were you facing prior to bpm’online?

Four years ago, Namu Travel realized its revenue wasn’t growing fast enough and its competitors were catching up. The company was using a homegrown CRM system with incorrect, or missing, data. It had multiple platforms for all of its departments, including marketing, sales, customer service, and IT and it struggled to share information across departments.

2.   Why did you choose bpm’online?

The travel agency needed to find out what was happening with its clients throughout various stages of the sales process. Additionally, the company has seasons that it has to adapt to quickly and sometimes it has seasons within those seasons, so the ability to change business processes to accommodate sudden seasonal shifts is important.

Prior to selecting Creatio, the company’s travel consultants were spending too much time on low-quality leads. So, it needed a lead management system that can automatically send qualified leads to the most appropriate travel consultant. And when travel consultants receive those leads they must move quickly, because any hesitation from their clients often results in a lost sale. Therefore, the company wanted to minimize client hesitation by leveraging behavioral data to deliver the right message to prospects at the right time to keep them engaged and accelerate the sales process.

3.   What were the results?

Namu Travel discovered that travel consultants who contacted clients within five minutes of their inquiry were eight times more likely to close the deal than those who responded 10 minutes later, or more. After discovering this, the company used Creatio studio to create a process that automatically re-assigns opportunities to the next appropriate travel consultant if the first consultant doesn’t contact the client within five minutes of receiving the lead. Because no salesperson wants to lose opportunities, travel consultants accelerated their efforts to contact clients faster. As a result, the company lowered its average time-to-first-contact to 3.8 minutes, well below the 5-minute cap it set for travel consultants.

After only four months of the deployment, the luxury travel company recognized an impressive ROI of 271 percent. Additionally, prior to Creatio, the company’s best closing average for a high season (from January to April) was 18.7 percent. Thanks to Creatio, the company’s closing average this year is on track to hit 23 percent. Because of these positive results, Namu Travel plans to add three additional countries to its list of travel destinations by the end of 2018, and two more destinations in 2019. 

To learn more about Namu Travel’s success with Creatio, click here.

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