Psiog Digital unravels the secrets of effective cooperation and tells why it is unique to partner with Creatio

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Psiog Digital unravels the secrets of effective software implementation and tells why it is unique to cooperate with Creatio

Psiog Digital, Creatio’s trusted partner with one of the biggest number of Creatio certified specialists globally, believes that company’s low-code, process automation, and CRM solutions have the potential to be the fulcrum of any business transformation. Thanks to value-added products, Psiog enables its customers to leverage this cutting-edge technology and accelerate their business performance. Harith S. Gopal, Director of Business Development and Head of Creatio practice at Psiog Digital, shares why they chose Creatio as a partner and what they gain from the collaboration.

Why have you chosen Creatio?

- There is a noticeable difference between the way Creatio operates versus other software companies – especially when it comes to attention to detail the utmost precision every executive or individual exhibits at Creatio displays in every single aspect of their work.

When you attain a certain scale, you start looking at the bigger picture and tend to miss out on minor things that are crucial. While large software companies across the globe are focusing at a macro picture, Creatio surprisingly handles the integrities that are crucial in ensuring customer success while balancing partner relations effectively. I think Creatio takes a lot of pride in creating a win-win situation for everybody in the ecosystem – be it customers, partners, or the principals themselves.

Psiog Digital unravels the secrets of effective software implementation and tells why it is unique to cooperate with Creatio

How is your company helping other companies to accelerate?

- The key to effective business acceleration lies in equally considering two factors that determine business success: the speed and the quality. Even though the speed at which we deliver technology solutions is important, it should not by any means be achieved at the cost of quality of products or services offered. Therefore, we focus on providing our customers with top-notch solutions while helping them move towards their business goals faster.

We always recommend our customers to try out the system before implementing it. There’s nothing better than getting a 30, 60, or 90-day experience of the software to test it out with end-users. We also engage with our customers over shorter implementation cycles and get them to move forward faster by implementing software over several stages with smaller pieces, rather than waiting for months before the first version is up (as it is done, for instance, while implementing an ERP). In light of this, Creatio is a perfect fit for us - the platform lets us break down the work into smaller chunks so that the customers can engage with the system and start discovering it much faster than they would with most other platforms in the market today.

That’s what acceleration means – bringing high quality and ready-to-go solutions to customers faster than anyone else is able to.

What is it like to work with Creatio?

- It feels like a genuine cooperation. Creatio builds an ecosystem of business and technology leaders and experts that serves as a strong foundation for a solid strategic partnership.

One of the distinctive features of cooperation with Creatio is highly active engagement. The company builds close ties with those who interact with it, be it customers or partners, and turns them into loyal advocates. Over the course of our partnership with Creatio, I’ve been participating in an array of global events hosted by Creatio - in Dubai, Jakarta, London, Kyiv, and Miami. As someone who has personally visited Creatio offices a couple of times and met the bright minds working on Creatio products, I can firmly state that you don’t come across companies like this often. While nurturing a culture of high performance and being determined with its business goals, Creatio manages to keep a positive work environment filled with people who are always willing to help. That is why our partnership with Creatio is so valuable to us.

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