The QTI Group delivers proactive service with Creatio

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Matching talent with culture and culture with talent is how The QTI Group is helping all types of businesses address HR needs. For over 60 years nationwide, The QTI Group has been extending its knowledge in staffing, recruiting, compensation consulting and HR services.

The multifaceted company boasts four lines of business, nine offices in a single state and hundreds of experts servicing companies in a wide variety of industries including education, manufacturing, biotech, finance and nonprofit.

To reach further heights, the QTI Group sought a CRM software to deepen their existing customer relationships and improve internal communications by uniting their four lines of business.

"You want a vendor that is wanting to stay cutting edge, they want to be the leader of the pack,” emphasizes Lori Aldridge, Business Technology Specialist. With this in mind, the QTI Group chose Creatio to digitally transform its marketing and sales business processes.

To learn how The QTI Group increased the number of customers using three lines of business by 67%, click here.

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