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By definition, CRM is a system that helps businesses manage their customer and relationships by providing a unified environment to collect present and legacy information, automate manual business processes, and deliver outstanding customer experience to prospective and current clients in a timely manner. However, as much as data management is still present within main CRM purposes, the processes and ability to adjust them to answer specific needs of a business at a specific time becomes more and more appealing to businesses worldwide. Moreover, recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of businesses will rely on dynamic processes designed to evolve depending on customer demand.

Bpm’online invited Rebecca Wettemann, a world-famous CRM analyst and vice president of Nucleus Research, to review the most common pain points that businesses come across on the daily basis and share her profound expert perspective on the values of the process-focused approach to CRM.

During the one hour webinar Ms. Wettemann, along with Michael Rooney, SVP and General Manager at bpm’online, will talk about benefits from fast and easy process adjustment, the importance of the timely adaption of the customer-facing processes in response to the changing business environment and the necessity to consistently test, modify, and improve business processes.

If you have not registered yet, we are strongly recommending you to take advantage of what one of the brightest experts in the industry has to say about the values of the process-focused approach to CRM. With a 20-year technology research background, Ms. Wettemann is an expert on the financial analysis of technology and is the author of numerous return on investment (ROI) studies and reports. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn why the right balance of process consistency and agility can deliver impressive revenue gains while dramatically increasing your business performance!

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