SCRM Conference. Day II

September 17, 2011

The second day was rich in information. There were 3 main speakers:

  1. Dr. Jeff Tanner with his Social Marketing speech
  2. Mr. Paul Greenberg, who spoke about customer experience
  3. A representative from Jive Software, who told how their solutions may be in help for using social networks for business

Jeff put our attention to the way people express their preferences and requests and obtain required information from social networks. To illustrate his point he showed a video. Once again we touched a question of positive customer experience when dealing with a Company or a Product. Customers don’t want you to sell them, so don’t try to speak to them with “Look at this cool phone they sold me”. Instead, we need to create a comfortable environment for communication and experience exchange and that will lead you to deals.

We spoke a lot about positive and negative experience. The first one is extremely important, especially if it’s written because people usually share only negative experience.

Paul covered many topics that are not directly linked to Social CRM, but had great influence to it. He focused on building customer profiles for deeper understanding of their interests and demands that then should be interweaved to a communication strategy. Once again he mentioned indirect communications.

Then we were invited to a big panel discussion with four speakers: Greenberg, Tanner, Kolsky, Culbert.

Frankly speaking, we were surprised that all CRM gurus concurred that strategy for B2B and B2C is the same, the only difference is in datasets we use.

The second part mostly was dedicated to practical tools and cases of using social media as a communication channel. The most remarkable cases were P&G with their initiative Connect + Develop and a project for moms, and a case of telecom from Shri Lanka – Dialog Telekom.

Then we spoke a lot about NPS (Net Promoter Score) and a proposal from dr. V Kumar to extend the standard question with 3 more questions:

  1. Have you already recommended our company or a product?
  2. Has this company became our customer?
  3. Is this company a profitable customer?

What can I say? These two days were lavishly sprinkled with cases and topped with the most successful strategies. It was both dynamic and interesting.

Be patient and check for new materials where we will unveil the cases that were mentioned here!


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