Smart tips to launching smarter sales processes

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In a constantly fluctuating business world where sales cycles tend to get longer and customer attrition rates continue to increase, sales professionals can’t afford to lose a single lead. Besides being proactive and persuasive, sales representatives need to have business acumen and tech-savvy. At the same time, sales representatives need to handle countless responsibilities while focusing their efforts on established business goals and sales quotas. Consequently, your sales team needs to overcome various challenges at each stage of the sales pipeline. In the complex world of B2B sales, it is crucially important for your sales representatives to dedicate their time and efforts on high quality leads. The inability to qualify leads results in lost sales:

•    56% of sales reps can access key decision makers
•    24% of sales reps perform a win / loss analysis

Creating a formalized sales process that is treated as an internal blueprint is fundamental for every sales organization. If implemented appropriately, a formal sales process is a tool to improve productivity and performance and give a clear understanding of all steps in the process so sales reps can identify what actions are needed to successfully close a deal. Your sales team shouldn’t have to guess where a particular deal stands or how they should be managing opportunities at different stages.

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In order to improve your sales operations, a guided approach to selling is imperative. It should include steps that help reps avoid common pitfalls like failing to follow up on time.The modern business environment calls for more sophisticated tools that accelerate results with actionable data. A CRM system backed by a powerful business process management (BPM) engine provides this. Over 70% of organizations report that the tools and systems their sales reps use in the sales process are only somewhat or slightly connected. Even more shocking, 22% of organizations report that their systems are not connected at all. Bpm’online CRM offers a wide range of automation tools to right the wrongs of your sales activities and streamline the complete sales process. Download this eBook to learn essential tips for building integrated sales processes to increase win rates and revenue.


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