Success with CRM Consulting shares insights on his strategic partnership with Creatio

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Success with CRM Consulting shares insights on his strategic partnership with Creatio

Success with CRM works side by side with bpm’online on a mission to promote customer empowerment as a loyal strategic partner. Success with CRM has advocated for Creatio products for a couple of years now, taking care of the system’s implementation and providing customized solutions to vertical organizations.

Dick Wooden, President and Founder of Success with CRM Consulting, takes pride in being a trusted consultant for business decision-makers. “The big thing in selecting a CRM we find is that people want to have someone as an advisor, someone who could help guide them, the one who could answer some tough questions about what they want to get accomplished,” states Dick.

Having a shared commitment to customers’ success, Creatio and Success with CRM Consulting work closely together to suit customers’ needs. Dick Wooden names a number of positives of being bpm’online’s strategic partner. “Being a system for sales, marketing, and customer support altogether, Creatio ensures cross-departmental alignment, as well as effective business processes management. The system is perfect for those who look for process automation and the ability to design business processes on their own,” says Dick.​​ ​​

 Success with CRM Consulting shares insights on his strategic partnership with Creatio

Creatio’s mission to help companies accelerate goes hand-in-hand with the customer strategy of Success with CRM Consulting. “We have a couple of approaches for helping companies accelerate”, claims Dick Wooden. - “One of them is providing information on the website and social media so people can understand what can be done with Creatio and how we work with them.” Success with CRM’s website serves as a knowledge base for business insights and industry-specific educational content, including business articles, video materials, published e-books, and other insightful resources.

“Creatio seems to have pretty much everything our clients have asked for: capabilities in the foundation you can modify because, certainly, things will change over the years – all in a really adaptable platform that gets the job done,” claims Dick Wooden. “Besides, the people are great,” Dick adds, laughing. “It’s interesting to have a real partnership like this. It feels like there are lots of people in different departments that help you all the way from sales, support, and marketing”.

About Success with CRM: Success with CRM Consulting provides professional and consulting services to small and mid-sized companies that are looking for smart business solutions and software improvements. Sharing its knowledge and expertise in the fields of CRM, sales growth, business process optimization and business intelligence, Success with CRM Consulting fosters business environments across the United States.

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