Top CRM trends to watch for in 2015


Business process management behind CRM With the new customer flow being sourced from the variety of channels, a sufficient business process management gains unavoidable value, becoming a crucial part of successful management of the ever-changing customer journey. The CRM products powered by the business process management engine, will deliver better ROI to the organizations in 2015. Even though the integration between BPM and CRM technologies is nothing new, it’s been applicable mainly to the enterprise level companies. We are predicting the shift of the approach towards small and mid-size businesses seeing more and more companies adapting sophisticated business process management tools within their business operations. United CRM product to connect dots between marketing, sales and customer service In 2015 we’ll see vendors re-packaging their products to offer a fully integrated CRM suite comprised of marketing, sales and customer service applications. The suite will focus on the complete customer journey from lead generation, to sales management to account maintenance. Business owners will heavily invest into technologies with the intelligent BPMS platform behind. This will provide an advantage of having tools that oversee all stages of customer interaction literally based on one platform as a single application for marketing, sales and customers service with one interface and seamless business processes. User experience as the influencing factor in picking the CRM With new products claiming its spots in the market and the competition raising to the new heights, we are predicting to see technology vendors investing more into user experience working really hard on developing user-friendly and engaging interface. More and more companies are practicing the approach of letting the end users to decide on what CRM system the organization will pick. With the variety of products to choose from, the applications with the best user experience will be winning more business over competitors. As a premium vendor of process-driven cloud software, we are particularly keen on the approach of interconnecting solid business processes with business operations. We took a deep dive into studying the importance of getting dynamic sales process instilled into daily business activities. The results of the studies are presented in our eBook.

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