Unlocking Full Synergy of Live Chat, Chatbot and CRM with Beesender and Creatio

December 07, 2021

When it comes to delivering top-notch customer service or helping visitors navigate through a website in real time, live chats and chatbots are indispensable for modern businesses. They help customers save time, make more informed purchases, and request help with minimum effort. Understandably, live chats are currently considered the most popular customer communication channel for businesses with online presence.

In Creatio, chat management functionality is available out of the box as a part of any of its CRM products. You can use live chats to connect with your customers on the website, via messengers, or a self-service portal. You can also easily save, share, and analyze your previous chats as well as run custom AI/ML algorithms to delve for more insights and achieve greater automation. As much as chats are about customer experience, they are also about operational excellence, and that’s where Creatio sets the bar very high.

However, you can set it even higher with the Beesender solutions from our Marketplace. If comprehensive live chat and chatbot features are non-negotiable for your online business, discover how the synergy of Creatio and Beesender can help fully accomplish your goals.

Beesender Chat Master and Bot Master Solutions

Beesender expands the out-of-the-box Creatio chat functionality by allowing businesses to set up powerful digital workplaces for their chat-based support agents and chatbot engineers.

Beesender Chat Master is a non-voice contact center agent's workplace integrated with Creatio, which provides the following key capabilities:

  • Multitasking agent toolbar
  • Flexible configuration of chat distribution rules based on the agent’s skills, workload, etc.
  • Chat transfer between agents or between an agent and a chatbot
  • Media and file sharing
  • Integration with popular messengers and communication channels
  • Chat and agent analytics
  • And many more

In addition, Beesender Chat Master bridges the gap between communications and business processes by allowing agents to launch automated Creatio workflows or applications in parallel with the chat.

Beesender Bot Master is a rule-based chatbot builder for Creatio, which provides the following key capabilities:

  • No-code builder for an omnichannel virtual assistant
  • Automation tool for setting up the first line for contact centers, answering FAQ, registering service cases, etc.
  • Multilingual chatbots (English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Arabic, and many more)
  • Hybrid chats (bot – agent – bot)
  • Third-party NLP system integration
  • Customer journey tracking analytics
  • Integration with popular messengers and communication channels
  • And many more

Beesender Chat Master and Bot Master can work as separate solutions or be used together for the maximum synergy of live chats and chatbots on top of Creatio.

Why Beesender for Creatio?

Beesender is the leading application in the conversational marketing category, which has been successfully downloaded and used by hundreds of Creatio customers. Beesender addresses numerous use cases for live chats, chatbots, outbound chats, conversational analytics, self-service portals, etc., making them a great addition to countless use cases and business applications of the Creatio platform.

Beesender products are specifically designed for B2C companies that use Creatio platform and have intensive interactions with their customers. With Beesender, businesses from Retail, Banking, Insurance, Travel, and other customer-centric domains can dramatically level up their customer service, boost conversion and average purchase rates, and drive loyalty.

Beesender products are natively integrated with Creatio and organically expand Creatio’s out-of-the-box chat features while also expanding the platform’s no-code capabilities.

Also, there’s a new Beesender Omnichannel product arriving soon on the Creatio Marketplace, so stay tuned!

Beesender Bot Master Special Offer

For all the businesses that have already made a New Year’s resolution to provide above-and-beyond customer service in 2022, Beesender offers a grand special offer starting 24 Nov 2021 till 31 Mar 2022. During this period, Beesender Bot Master will be available for $420 per chatbot/year (regular price - $2,400 per chatbot/year)! Note that an active Creatio license is required to use Beesender Bot Master.


Also, be sure to browse the Creatio Marketplace for more details on Beesender products as well as hundreds of other great solutions, and many of which are free! Get creative with our marketplace applications and use them to build your own unique Creatio!


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